When Pigs Fly

Fresh Donuts are available in Kittery, Brookline, Somerville and now… Newburyport!

This is no ordinary bread shop. This is extraordinary bread! Andrew Siegel Co-Owner, When Pigs Fly Bakery: “These are breads like you’ve never seen before.”

Located on Route One, in Kittery Maine, When Pigs Fly bakes the most incredibly luscious breads you’ll ever eat. Their all-natural, handmade loaves are packed with fresh fruits, nuts, grains, and all other kinds of yummy stuff… but more on those in a minute. Because the one bread that rises above all the others is the Chocolate Bread. That’s right, Chocolate Bread. This crusty, lusty loaf is loaded with chocolate. It tastes rich and fudgy like a dense dark brownie, but remains light and versatile like any good bread should. Andrew Siegel Co-Owner, When Pigs Fly Bakery: “It just has a very chocolate taste, so if you like chocolate, you’d really like it.” A slice of Chocolate Bread, packed with all those chocolate chips, is a truly indulgent treat, but it’s only the beginning. You can spread on some peanut butter… fry up some french toast… or use it to make a sandwich – an ice cream sandwich! At only five dollars a loaf, chocolate-loving customers have been known to fill their trunks with the stuff. And yet, somehow there never seems to be enough to go around.

Andrew Siegel Co-Owner, When Pigs Fly Bakery: “They’ll buy the chocolate bread to take home for themselves or their friends, and it usually doesn’t even make it home, they eat it on the car ride home.” To insure that the chocoholics can always get their fix, When Pigs Fly also sells a Chocolate Bread Kit, so customers can bake up the same beautiful bread in their own kitchen. Of course, Chocolate is just one of twenty breads baked here. There are flavor packed favorites like sinful Cinnamon Raisin, and creative combinations like Cherry, Pear, and Almond bread. Andrew Siegel Co-Owner, When Pigs Fly Bakery: “If you love good food, then when you walk into this place, you are, well I could say, you’re in hog heaven.”

The bread selection changes daily, so consider yourself lucky if you happen to visit when they’ve baked up this loaf. The outside is covered in toasted sesame seeds, and the inside is bursting with mango, pineapple, and raisins! Each slice is jammed with so much colorful fruit, it looks like a piece of stained glass. There are so many tempting choices it just might make your head spin. But the best part about visiting When Pigs Fly is that they slice up free samples of every bread they bake.

Andrew Siegel Co-Owner, When Pigs Fly Bakery: “You have a whole unbelievable variety of tastes. The place smells awesome, the breads are right out of the oven, and you get to sample it all.” And best of all, the sampling is only the beginning. Because once you get these breads home, there are oh so many ways to enjoy them. Andrew Siegel Co-Owner, When Pigs Fly Bakery: “Our breads are what I like to call make a meal in itself kind of breads, you can eat them plain, but also there’s a lot of things you can do with them.” Try serving some Bruschetta on Tuscan Wheat… Grilled Cheese on Sourdough… or a hot Ham and Cheese on New York Rye. Of course these breads can be the foundation for some sensational sandwiches, like an Italian on Broccoli, Onion, and Garlic Ciabatta.

Andrew Siegel Co-Owner, When Pigs Fly Bakery: “Our bread isn’t something that just holds a sandwich together, it actually makes the sandwich. It’s the first thing you taste when you put it in your mouth, and we want to make sure that whatever is on the outside is as good as what’s on the inside.” Inside and out, there won’t be a better bread bakery anywhere in the world until Pigs Fly. When Pigs Fly… Phantom Gourmet… Hidden Jewel.