TreMonte Pizzeria Restaurant & Bar

The pizzas are piping hot and the beers are always ice cold at Tremonte Pizzeria. Located on one of the last cobblestone roads in Lowell, Massachsuetts, this is a casual, comfortable, and affordable spot run by experienced restaurateur Anthony Contarino.

Anthony Contarino – Owner, Tremonte Pizzeria: “TreMonte Pizzeria is an authentic Neapolitan style pizzeria that serves thin crust in a stone hearth oven. We also compliment that with some really good burgers, a lot of appetizers to share. We wanted to keep the authenticity of the mill building that it’s in. So we left all the brick exposed as much as we could, a great atmosphere to watch a game, to meet up with some friends, and to share in some conversation with local people.”

And the locals absolutely love every bite, from the pizza to the chicken parm, steak tips to meatball subs. But let’s start with the hand-stretched, fresh-topped, stone-hearth pizzas.

Anthony Contarino – Owner, Tremonte Pizzeria: “It’s a thin crust Neapolitan pizza, cooked a little crisp on the edge, with a little char on the outside, cooked in a 700 degree oven. First of all, you got to start off with top notch ingredients. Some of the best are fresh mozzarella cheese, top quality tomatoes, and a dough that’s going to give you a good chew, but also can stand the heat in the oven.”

Every Tremonte pizza is prepared, cooked, sliced, and served with care. There’s there Italian Sausage pizza stuffed with sauteed spinach and roasted red peppers. And a cheesseburger pizza topped with ground beef, tomatoes, pickles, onions, and lettuce. But for the truest test of Tremonte’s pizza-making prowess, the classic Margherita pizza is the way to go.

Anthony Contarino – Owner, Tremonte Pizzeria: “The Margherita pizza here is fresh sliced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and diced mozzarella, some fresh oregano, fresh basil, and drizzled with olive oil as well as brushed with olive oil on the crust. That’s what Italian food is. Great ingredients, a couple of simple things, and great flavor.”

A speaking of great flavor, you can add on a big, garlicky boost if you order the Shrimp Scampi pizza, which features the taste you know and love, with no noodles needed.

Anthony Contarino – Owner, Tremonte Pizzeria: “Absolutely. Minus the pasta. So it’s garlic olive oil, a little fresh oregano to make it pizza-style we’ll say, some fresh white gulf shrimp. Just garlic, olive oil, tomatoes, the flavor of the shrimp, it’s not overpowering… just comes out perfect.”

Now, as hard as it might be to wait a few minutes until your pizza is served, there are very tasty ways to fill the time. There are jumbo-sized chicken wings. And fried mozzarella triangles that put the typical puny mozzarella sticks to shame.

Anthony Contarino – Owner, Tremonte Pizzeria: “Whole-block mozzarella cheese we cut by hand here. We double bread. Nice crisp on the outside, fresh mozzarella on the inside, tomato sauce below it, and a little fresh basil and grated cheese over the top. You can definitely stretch it like a telephone cord, like it’s supposed to be.”

The most popular appetizer at Tremonte is the spring roll sampler, featuring four varieties of crispy, hand-rolled, deep fried beauties.

Anthony Contarino – Owner, Tremonte Pizzeria: “Alright. So the spring roll sample is, we make all our own spring rolls in-house. The most popular being the shaved steak, caramelized shallots and cheese. You can also order the buffalo chicken with fresh blue cheese. We have a chicken stir fry, which is chicken with peppers, onions, mushrooms, cheese, and that’s served in a teriyaki glaze. Then we also have a chicken parm, which is basically like a mini chicken parm calzone. It’s chicken cutlets with sauce, cheese. We serve it a sampler so you can get one of each, or you can order two of any ones you want individually.”

Along the same lines, but in much larger proportions, check out the Italian Cold Cut Stromboli baked and stuffed with mortadella, salami, ham, and melted cheese. Or, you could go the burger route, like the signature Meatloaf Burger made with a custom blend of Ground Sirloin, Chuck, Brisket and Short Rib, topped with American cheese, bacon, sauteed peppers and mushrooms, onion rings, and a drizzle of brown gravy. And to wash it down, you can grab a beer that’s guaranteed to stay cold, thanks to a uniquely icy feature of the custom-built bar.

Anthony Contarino – Owner, Tremonte Pizzeria: “So we offer 36 draft beers here at TreMonte Pizzeria in Lowell. And we are the first one in the area to have a frost rail at our bar. And that’s… a six-inch strip that goes all the way around the bar… So they can order their beers, and when they get their beers, they can keep them in the frost. It keeps the glass cold from the bottom so their beer stays cold. Or they could just chug it and drink another one. I always wanted to actually have a bar with a Zamboni running down it. So people would actually have their beers on ice and every hour an alarm would go off and a Zamboni would come around. But I’m no engineer and I couldn’t find an engineer to do it. So this is the closest thing I could come up with.”

Pretty sweet, huh? And to make things even sweetest, there are cannolis, apple crostada, and lemon raspberry cheesecake for dessert. So, it all adds up to a tremendous meal at Tremonte Pizzeria.

Anthony Contarino – Owner, Tremonte Pizzeria: “I want my customers to experience a memorable experience that they want to come back and always share a good time every time they think of this restaurant. I want them to want to come back because they had a good time here.”

TreMonte Pizzeria Restaurant & Bar
44 Palmer Street
Lowell, MA 01852
(978) 453-1110