The Nordic

The Nordic is more than an ultra buffet with over 100 items including Alaskan King Crab, unlimited lobster and prime rib; it’s a total experience, from the incredible food to the beautiful 90+ acres surrounding the restaurant.

How far would you travel for the most epic meal of your life?

Steve Persson – Nordic Lodge: “It’s an eating extravaganza.”

How many miles would you drive for all you can eat lobster, Alaskan Crab, prime rib, and filet mignon? Every year, thousands of hungry customers from all over the East Coast make a culinary pilgramage deep into the woods of Charlestown, Rhode Island to chow down at the Nordic Lodge.

Nancy Log – Nordic Lodge: “The Nordic Lodge is an all-you-can-eat more than you could imagine buffet and by that I mean we are very high end.”

Steve Persson – Nordic Lodge: “If you want the best and you want to try a lot of different high end foods this is a great place to do it.”

Nancy Log – Nordic Lodge: “People think they are gonna come here just for the lobster, and everything else looks so good and tastes so good that they try everything.”

The Nordic Lodge is the biggest and tastiest buffet you can find outside of Las Vegas, featuring over 100 top-quality items from soup to nuts, oysters to ice cream sundaes. But the biggest draw is the all you can lobster.

Steve Persson – Nordic Lodge: “The lobsters are cooked in 60 pound baskets. We cook three baskets at a time… They’re boiled in sea water and then they are hoisted right up in an old fashioned block and tackle, put on the buffet, people walk by and they grab ’em.”

Dan Andelman: “Can I get a lobster please… you’re telling me I can have as many of these as I want? Yes!”

The Nordic Lodge serves up to thirty-five hundred pounds of lobster a day, along with a hundred fifty pounds of butter, and over a thousand pounds of fresh Alaskan Crab.

Steve Persson – Nordic Lodge: “The crab is caught by the Deadliest Catch guys… It comes from Alaska. It’s the same crab that you see on TV. It’s one of the three species that you see on TV…. We currently use the bairdi. It’s out of this world. Tender, sweet, salty.”

But the seafood station is only the start. At the Nordic Lodge, there’s something delicious in every direction.

Nancy Log – Nordic Lodge: “Well we have the grill area with all the black angus beef, prime rib, filet mignon… as well as the fried items. There is fried shrimp, fried scallops, clam cakes… behind me the main buffet which has most of the entrees, baked stuffed shrimp, scallops wrapped in bacon… and then we have a raw bar with the shrimp cocktail, oysters on the half shell, clams on the half shell. To the right of that is the Haagen-Dazs ice cream bar. Milkshakes are fabulous and then we have the dessert bar.”

Steve Persson – Nordic Lodge: “On the dessert bar we’ve got imported Belgium chocolates, we’ve got chocolate dipped, white and dark, strawberries… we’ve got cheesecake, carrot cake, chocolate cake… anybody who walks by our dessert bar always raises an eyebrow and says ‘wow’.”

Take a look around the spacious dining room, and you’ll find a lot of overloaded plates, and plenty of Nordic Lodge Lovers.

Owned and operated by three generations of the Perrson family, the buffet has been around for over 30 years. And believe it or not, the food is only part of the attraction, because the property has plenty of room to roam when you’re done eating.

Steve Persson – Nordic Lodge: “We’ve got draft horses, we’ve got alpacas, we’ve got three different lakes, fountains, fires, outdoor music… It isn’t just a building plunked in a middle of asphalt parking lot, this is a total experience. There is hammocks outside, there is adirondacks chairs, there is fire pits. This isn’t a dim lit, little candle light kind of a place here. This is high energy, bright lights, fun.”

And what could possibly be more fun than this?

The Nordic
178 East Pasquiset Trail
Charlestown, RI 02813
(401) 783-4515