The Goat Restaurant and Whiskey Bar

Bacon. Burgers. And dolla dolla bills y’all. This is a one of a kind, fun and funky, honky-tonk restaurant and bar in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. And the owners are so confident in their cuisine, the decided to call it “The Goat”.

Erica and Albert Fleury operate this quirky, country-themed burger joint year round, serving over-the-top eats that are under-priced.

Erica Fleury, Co-Owner: “The Goat is a fun whiskey and burger bar. A fun atmosphere, we’re really fun, we’re laid-back. We have great food, just a great time. Honestly, we were trying to think of cool logos, we liked The Goat logo, and, of course, greatest of all time, we’re The Goat because we are.”

Albert Fleury: “What we’re going for here is just a really solid, blue collar place. It’s affordable. All of our beers are in tall-boy cans. All of our portions are oversized. It is definitely a country theme, everything from the floors to the walls. We actually bought a barn, and slapped it to the side of the building that’s what the big, red building screams, country.”

So, a lot of customers come for the country music. And even more go for the incredible, creative burgers. But when it comes to the atmosphere, everybody agrees that The Goat is absolutely money.

Erica Fleury, Co-Owner: “Our walls are covered in dollar bills. You can come in, fill-out a dollar, and staple it to the wall, and it’ll be here for ever.”

Albert Fleury: “The dollar bills, we started it. Probably five layers under that top post is my wife, my daughter and I stuck one up there, and then the people that were here that day, opening day, stuck a couple up. They just really went from the post to the beam to the wall. Then there was no stopping it.

Erica Fleury, Co-Owner: “Everybody loves it, everybody loves being able to fill out a dollar and put it on the wall. Then they come and send their friends to come find their dollar, so it’s fun.”

But the real fun begins when the food starts to arrive. Because they don’t call this place The Goat for nothing.

Erica Fleury, Co-Owner: “Everything we do here we make, hand-cut fries, all of our sauces are homemade. Our fantastic burgers, our boozy whiskey frappes awesome breakfast on the weekends, specialty pancakes. Something for everyone.”

You can start your meal with a bucket of extra thick cut bacon with maple sriracha dipping sauce. Or the housemade baked stuffed jalapenos wrapped in bacon. There are bite-sized chicken and waffles. And some absolutely outstanding fries, like these hand-cut beauties smothered in spicy ketchup, secret sauce, and diced jalepenos. And then of course, there are the burgers themselves. Juicy, custom-blended patties that are sizzled on the flat top, stuffed inside branded buns, and stacked with pretty much anything and everything. Case in point: the Fatty Melt.

Erica Fleury, Co-Owner: “Our Fatty Melt has our own house-made macaroni cheese and bacon. It’s really delicious. It’s a fan favorite.”

Albert Fleury: “That’s the everything, chaos-type crazy burger. It’s messy. It’s definitely messy. You’ve got to be prepared, get some extra napkins, and get ready for it.”

Erica Fleury, Co-Owner: “Some people use a fork and knife, but I just get in there. I can just eat it.”

The most popular specialty burger is called The Walk of Shame, and it’s easy to see why, layered up a gluttonous stack of Swiss Cheese, an oven easy egg, bacon, and Sweet Potato Waffle Fries. There’s another one called the No Respect Burger, which piles on cheddar cheese, sauteed peppers, and shoestring onion strings. But if you have a Goat-sized appetite, and a diet-be-damned attitude, check out the infamous Donut Burger served on a hot honeydipped.

Erica Fleury, Co-Owner: “Doughnut burger, it was one of those things we put on special. We never thought it would work out, but we actually sell a ton of it. It’s delicious.

Albert Fleury: “It’s doughnut, patty, bacon, whatever kind of cheese. I think they recommend cheddar.”

Erica Fleury, Co-Owner: “It’s sweet but not overly-sweet.”

Albert Fleury: “Sweet, it’s definitely sweet, it’s the savory and the sweet offset that makes the whole burger work.”

And for something even sweeter to wash it all down, behold the signature Choco Taco Boozy Frappe.

Erica Fleury, Co-Owner: “The Choco Taco Frappe is my favorite thing on the menu. It is a frozen hot chocolate made with Jim Beam vanilla, and then it’s rolled in chocolate frosting and sugar cone pieces, and topped with whipped cream, mini chocolate chips and a Choco Taco. Honestly, you can not taste the whiskey in it at all, so it can be pretty dangerous. I’m not a huge whiskey drinker, but I love it. Just the vanilla and the chocolate, it’s really delicious.”

If you want to get your goat on the weekend, come in for some mega-sized pancakes, available in flavors like Fruitty Pebbles, and Peanut Butter and Bacon. So, this may or may not be the “Greatest of all Time”, but you’ll certainly have a great time at the Goat.

Erica Fleury, Co-Owner: “We do, we have a lot of fun here. We want to keep a fun vibe going for everybody because if people that work here aren’t having fun, then nobody is having fun. It shows with the bartenders and the wait staff and the cooks and everybody.”

Albert Fleury: “Whether they’re on vacation or they’re not, or if they’re here for a football game, or just for dinner with their family. I feel like we get a lot of positive feedback, We try to do it to make people happy. We’re actually, at this restaurant, we’re very successful with that. People leave happy. I think that’s great.”

The Goat Restaurant and Whiskey Bar
20 L Street
Hampton, NH 03842
(603) 601-6928