The Cozy Grill

A menu with over two dozen eggs benedicts.

Pancakes that are palate popping and eye pleasing.

Outstanding Italian and a comfortable vibe that can’t be beat.

Phantom phans, it’s time to get Cozy.

Located in Warwick, Rhode Island, the Cozy Grill is a family-friendly spot serving breakfast and lunch. Lynne and Thomas Pilderian and their daughters are hands-on owners, who have been serving hungry patrons for over two decades with the goal of always leaving each and every customer satisfied.

“It’s the definition of the family restaurant. It’s my second home.”

“We love the Cozy Grille. We love the people we love the food…and we’ve been coming here since they opened. You just always feel at home. ”

“The cozy grill is a family restaurant. We are family owned and operated We’ve been in business for over 20 years. “

“We are trying to cater to everybody. It’s like a one stop shop. You can get lobster rolls. You can get benedicts. We try to do it all here and try to cater to the customers.”

The place is set up with two distinct dining sections – a diner style area in the front, complete with a busy counter where you can take in all of the action, and a more relaxed dining room for out back for larger parties.

And nothing caters more to everyone than the selection of benedicts- with over 25 varieties- like the indulgent Surf and Turf Benedict loaded up with steak tips, fresh lobster and their addictive Hollandaise sauce.

“It’s delicious. It’s a tender piece of steak with that great seafood flavor. And everything tastes good with hollandaise on it.”

Other options include the Avocado benedict served on Italian toast with loads and loads of fresh avocado and Lynne’s favorite: the sweet and savory fig and prosciutto benedict.

“Well I love prosciutto ham. So we mixed in some of the fig jam into the Hollandaise and add a little bit of the goat cheese for that creamy top and it’s just a great combination again that’s that’s a nice flavors and it’s a good savory taste.”

For an over the top take on a bene try this one which features a cornbread waffle topped with tender steak tips, grilled asparagus, red peppers and poached eggs.

“The sweetness of the cornbread and then the tender steak tips with the little bit salty hollandaise on top just make some good flavors.”

For diners young and young at heart, the Cozy Grill offers a variety of character pancakes- made exclusively by Chef Caesar.

“My chef that’s in the front he’s an artist. He’s free styling that he’s look at the picture and he just does it.”

“So we take our buttermilk cake mix, and we mix in some different food coloring. And chef Caesar uses the different….pancake mix to actually draw on the grill whichever character we do; Mickey, Minnie, Sponge Bob, Ninja Turtles. In order for it to look the way you want it to look he has to kind of draw it backwards and he fills in with different colors to get some dimension to the pancake so that when he flips it over to the completed pancake it actually looks like what it’s supposed to and they always look amazing.”

Other amazing sweet starts to your day include the enticing Bananas Foster French Toast dressed up with a banana caramel sauce and plenty of whipped cream. And the sinfully sweet Cinnamon Roll Pancakes.

“The cinnamon roll pancakes are phenomenal. So it’s simply our buttermilk pancakes with a cinnamon sugar swirl. And when it’s grilled, the cinnamon kind of caramelizes and it gives it a great flavor. And then we put our homemade cream cheese glaze on top.

It’s a great way to get your dessert with your breakfast.”

If you’re looking to get lunch, there are all of your classic sandwiches from great juicy burgers- hand pressed, grilled to order and loaded up with cheese and toppings and an overstuffed lobster roll.

“I love our lobster roll it. It’s got the right amount of celery. the right amount of mayonnaise. Perfect sized chunks of lobster. Delicious.”

And then there’s the Pastrami Rueben.

“So a pastrami is a fresh black sliced pastrami. It’s served on grilled rye with Sauerkraut and Thousand Islands and Swiss cheese.

The pastrami is extra lean…. It’s super juicy with the Thousand Islands and the sauerkraut pouring through the bread. It’s delicious.”

And while they do offer specials every day of the week, Phantom suggests going here on Wednesdays when you can indulge on some Italian eats- which the owners would proudly put up against some of the famous Italian eateries on Federal Hill in Providence

“Our Italian food is better than the hill or just as good, so you won’t be disappointed.”

The meatballs are all made by hand using a recipe from Lynne’s mom.

“So I used to make meatballs all the time at home. But now that we have them here. It’s easier for me to just wait till Wednesday and get get my fill of meatballs. It reminds me of when I was little.”

Other Italian classics include the freshly breaded chicken parm.

“The chicken parm is fresh. We pound it nice and thin and make sure it’s tender and we’ll serve that with the penne and we’ll deep fry provolone cheese. red sauce, and that’s its quality.”

“If you’re craving Italian food. Definitely stopping at the Cozy Grill and getting a chicken parm or ravioli meatballs. You can’t go wrong.”

And whether you’re there for breakfast or lunch, you won’t go wrong at The Cozy Grill.

The Cozy Grill
440 Warwick Avenue
Warwick, RI 02888
(401) 941-9088