Table Talk Pies, The Pie Store

Table Talk Pies is really about quality.

This is, basically, all brand new?

We have 50,000 square feet in South Worcester, that’s devoted to making four inch pies.

It’s actually very kind of open. You can almost see every step of the process.

Exactly. It’s all right close together where we make our dough, where we make our filling, and where we put it all together over there in our pie machine. We want to make sure everything is to our standard of quality. We go out and buy apples. We get all of them from New York state. We use only wild blueberries, they’re the tastiest and the healthiest blueberries that you can find. It’s those ingredients, and the quality that go together that really make our product. Hi, my name is Harry Kokkinia. Welcome to Table Talk Pies.

What shortening we use?

We’re going to make some pies. I mean, like 10,000 of them. We’re going to see how they’re made and most importantly I’m going to stuff my pie hole.

Show them how to do it.

It’s all going to start with the dough?

It all starts with the dough. We have an old fashioned mixer, that’s very gentle with pie dough. Pie dough you can’t over mix. If you look at the arms, it’s just like you’re kneading bread. That same action of just being very gentle with that dough.

How many pies will this batch be able to make?

This batch will probably make about 5000 pies.

That’s going to be 5000 pies. And that’s like one of hundreds they’re doing every day.

Here are the kettles where we make our fruit filling. 500 gallons, we can put in there up to 3000 pounds of filling, all at once.

This is the apple pie filling? I’ve never wanted to take a bath in something as … I could be my own caramel apple. I’m the apple, just put a stick right here, and just dunk me right in this.

Over here is where it all gets put together. Here’s our bowl of dough that we saw being mixed over at the dough mixer before. The pie machine takes the dough, cuts it into little squares, and then sheets it out into a whole flat sheet of dough, that then gets put into a pie pan.

Watching this is so satisfying. I can’t even tell you.

Then the filling is brought in through a depositor, and then after the depositor does that, another sheet of dough gets put on top of that. And at the end of it, it pushes the pie out and onto the conveyor, and onto the oven.

It’s amazing.

This is the beginning of our tunnel oven. You can see here is the belt that is taking the pies inside the oven, where it will be baked here for roughly 16 to 17 minutes, close to 400 degrees.

They’re like a squadron of little pies marching into battle against the big oven. I got news for you guys, you’re going to lose.

We have this really neat spiral cooler. The pies will go up this spiral, and then they come back down. They will spend almost an hour in there, cooling off.

I’ve had a lot of Table Talk pies in my life, but I’ve never had one fresh from the line. I’m going in. Apple, classic, cinnamon, sugar, sweet but not too sweet. Oh my God, and it’s still warm. Only in America.

After that it goes into packaging, and we have this really cool machine that actually will insert the pies into the little four inch boxes. It will do that about 200 boxes a minute. This pie box here, it’s not our normal red and white box, but it’s a box we use selling to supermarkets outside of the Northeast. Same Table Talk pie. In fact, here we still have on it, Baked with Pride by: Table Talk Pies.

This is cool. Less than a mile away from that plant we were just in, is a brand new shop called The Pie Store. And guess what they sell here? Table Talk Pies. We’re here with Caitlyn, she runs The Pie Store here. So, Caitlyn, tell me what is this place, exactly?

Basically, it’s an orphanage for pies. These pies didn’t have a home, and now they do. People can come down here and find pies that might be imperfect, and they can come down here and get them for half the price that they would in a regular market.

They’ve got apple pie, blueberry pie, lemon pie, cherry, peach, strawberry, pecan pie. Every kind of pie. And pie shakes.

That is so good. That is everything that I love about Thanksgiving, crushed into one sweet, thick, creamy frap. That’s awesome. Table Talk pies, a legendary Worcester company. And The Pie Store may now have legendary deals. I’m going to take a few to go.

Here you go, dear.

Thanks a lot. Check it out.

The Pie Store
153 Green St.
Worcester, MA 01610
(508) 438-1526