Phantom usually enjoys Lebanese cuisine, but he’s not sure Hajjar’s in Weymouth is as authentic as they would lead you to believe.


Large, wide-open dining room overlooks the bar and lounge area. You can even watch Wheel of Fortune while you dine! Decor matches that of a generic function room.


For a place that claims to be Lebanese, there are more American and Italian dishes for some reason.


Portions are large and filling, but Phantom did not want to find out if he could finish everything on his plate.


Plump and juicy chicken fingers. Lebanese combo plate served in a dry and tasteless pastry dough. Fried kibbie lacked flavor as well. But the fresh and tasty tabbouleh saved the day.

Food and Drink(5)

They call it “authentic Lebanese cuisine”. That’s because it tastes as if the food is cooked in Lebanon and shipped over here. Prime rib with mushrooms was served cold, definitely cooked days ahead and re-heated. Scrod with tomatoes and mushrooms was so rubbery that Phantom’s fork ricocheted off the fish and into his own eye (not literally, but close enough).


Fried ice cream was a nice change of pace. But chocolate raspberry cake was hard and stale.


A bit slow, considering Phantom’s party was the only one in the restaurant. The waitress was easy to find… because she was sitting at the bar smoking a cigarette the whole time.


Bathrooms were clean but not spotless. Floors and lounge area looked neat and organized.


Route 53 in Weymouth, with plenty of parking out front.


Appetizers run from $2.50 to $5. Sandwiches range from $4 to $6. Entrees go from $7 to $12. Good prices for quality food, but a bit steep for food of this low quality.

Total Score: 68

969 Washington St., Route 53

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