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Day & Night Diner

Built in the so-called "Golden Age of Diners", the Day and Night in Palmer, Massachusetts is a picture-perfect treat.


Worcester Lunch Car Company #781, built in 1941. Just 14 stools and 5 booths, but the history and nostalgia are much larger than the space. Sure it's smoky, but it is a DINER.


You'll have to read the menu off of the wall or inside the top of your table. Club sandwiches, grilled cheese, chopped sirloin, great omelets. But breakfast is only served until 11am.


Daily luncheon specials are almost too big for one. Seafood orders overflow. Eat breakfast here, and no need for lunch.


Decent beef vegetable soup, but the vegetables were far from fresh. The onion rings were far too heavy, as the breading completely masked the onion flavor.

Food and Drink(7)

Meatloaf special was hearty and flavorful, though a bit too heavy on the carrots. Decent mashed potatoes, quality gravy. Juicy and beefy cheeseburgers. The BLT, one of Phantom's favorite diner foods, was an excellent specimen: crispy and smoky bacon, just the right touch of mayo, and nicely toasted bread.


Of the tapioca and chocolate pudding options, Phantom preferred the rich and smooth chocolate variety.


Extremely friendly and accomodating. If they don't know your name, they'll learn it soon enough.


Not exactly the Day and Night's strong suit. The checkered tile floor is grimy. Phantom had no luck finding a lock for the messy men's bathroom, though the lady's room was much nicer.


Main Street in Palmer, just minutes from the Mass Pike. On street parking in front, and additional spots around the corner.


A big breakfast runs about $5. Sandwiches from $1.50-3.50. Lunch specials all cost $5. Cheaper than McDonald's.

Total Score: 74

1456 North Main Street

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