Bernado’s Bistro

Phantom describes Bernado’s Bistro in Manchester, New Hampshire as the kind of place you’d find in Italian neighborhoods in Manhattan… the Rat Pack would have really dug it.


Dark wood panels, dim lights, and deep booths. Very inviting bar. This place is charming and comfortable, though perhaps a bit too big to be called a “bistro”.


Terrific selection of inventive and uncommon Italian and soul food with a wonderful variety of fresh pastas.


Heaping portions guarantee you’ll either waddle, or have a great lunch tomorrow. “Fat and happy” is quite a way to live.


Rich and delicious stuffed portabella appetizer swimming in a lobster sauce. New Zealand mussels were large, but they needed their savory leeks, tomatoes, and white wine sauce.

Food and Drink(8)

Special Cajun smoked grill featured perfect cut of sirloin, sumptuously plump portabella mushroom and flavorful pheasant sausage… but it wasn’t really “Cajun”. “South of the Border” fancy margarita will appeal to the “sex on the beach” set, but not to the Phantom. The food is very good, it just needs some fine tuning.


Creamy rich Key Lime Pie. Mocha Espresso Cheesecake was quality, but no match for its pale yellow counterpart with the perfect graham cracker crust.


Very sweet but inexplicably slow on a quiet evening. Maybe they mistook Phantom for being French, but this meal should not have taken over two hours.


Sparkling brass, tidy bathrooms, clean over all.


On the racetrack end of So. Willow Street, some previous restaurants could not make this location work. Plenty of parking.


Entrees range from $7 to $15. And considering you’re basically getting two meals in one, the prices are outstanding.

Total Score: 86.5

1707 South Willow St.

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