Mallebar Brasserie

Steak and fries. French onion soup and potato skillets. Melted cheese and a mouthwatering chocolate torte. When you want to eat up and warm up in style, it’s tough to beat Mallebar Brasserie in Plymouth.

Jim Casey: “Ordering a 24 ounce porterhouse!”

Chef / Owner Jim Casey, along with his wife and General Manager Heather Casey were already familiar faces in this historic seaside town’s restaurant scene. They started out serving Caribbean cuisine at the Blue Eyed Crab. Then came a casual barbecue joint called the Red Eyed Pig. But this time around, Jim wanted to get back to his classically-trained, fine dining roots, but he wanted to do it, with a modern twist.

Jim Casey: “And so as the years went on and I was talking to my wife, and we just thought there was room for another really good restaurant in this town. We get a lot of tourists and we just felt like we needed an upscale restaurant. Stuff that I learned when I traveled, when I cooked in New York, cooked in San Francisco, cooked in Boston. I just wanted to push myself and be able to create, you know, new menus and do new things in the restaurant, and this is what we came up with, Mallebar Brasserie.”

So now, he’s cooking crispy skin Scottish salmon, and steamed mussels with dijon mustard and fresh herbs. Incredibly tender filet mignon and buttery escargot served over stone ground grits. There are boards full of tempting charcuterie, and palate popping shishito peppers. All served in a gorgeously sleek space that’s perfect for a big celebration, or just a fun night out with friends.

Heather Casey: “So we wanted it to be modern but comfortable.”

Jim Casey: “Big booths, lots of room to walk around. We didn’t want any of the guests being crowded. We have a 12-seat bar, a beautiful bar, all hand-crafted cocktails created by my wife Heather.”

Heather Casey: “So we wanted to be a little glamorous and a little casual at the same time.
We really wanted this restaurant to be a place where you could get things that you couldn’t get anywhere else.”

Take for example, the Onion Soup. It’s made with braised short ribs, Swiss Cheese foam, and a mediculously hand-crafted Lattice Tuile covering the top. Or the free range French chicken that’s always grilled to order. And all that hard work pays off in every bite.

Jim Casey: “I think there’s a lot more effort and time put into French food. All week long, we’re making different stocks. We’re making chicken stock, veal stock, lobster stock, so everything that we cook with has some kind of base of some stock that we’re using, which it really adds a lot of flavor to the food, itself.”

Even the Fries are far from an afterthought here, from the preparation to the presentation.

Jim Casey: “Duck fat fries. So, we have duck fat fries on our menu that we hand cut. We have one fryolator in the kitchen that’s designated specifically for just duck fat.”

Heather Casey: “They’re hand cut and they’re fried in really quality oil, so they’re super crispy and fresh. But I feel the most special thing about it is we collect pine and clean it, and then lay it on the plate, so it’s a bed of pine. And then they torch it right before they put the French fries on, so when it comes out, you can smell pine, you can smell the duck fat. It almost smells like Christmas.”

And speaking of amazing aromas, quite a distinct smell comes from this contraption, which takes imported French racelette cheese, and heats it up, so they can scrape all that melty, cheesy goodness over prosciutto, pickled vegetables, or even a burger.

Heather Casey: “It’s tangy and aged and it’s warm. It’s delicious.”

Jim Casey: “It’s a great snack, something to enjoy with a glass of wine, a nice plate to just sit back and enjoy yourself.”

And if you’re looking for more of a sit down meal, steaks are what Mallebar does best. They’re all prime beef that’s dry-aged in house, from the 12 ounce filet mignon, to the 16 ounce New York Sirloin, to the ultra-popular steak frites.

Jim Casey: “You know, there’s nothing better than steak and fries. Steak frites. It’s definitely our number one seller here. So, we use a top round steak that we grill to order. It’s sliced. It’s served with some duck fat fries, some grilled broccolini and that is also served with a blue cheese foam.”

Heather Casey: “All of those together just make for a really satisfying, comforting meal.”

On the side, you can order a Yukon gold potato skillet with bacon and creme fraiche. Or fried Cauliflower a l’orange with nutmeg aioli. And don’t even think about leaving without tasting the signature Chocolate Torte for dessert, featuring housemade chocolate fudge ice cream and a bittersweet chocolate glaze.

So, in a town that’s mostly full of seafood and bar food, Mallebar Brasserie has quickly become the go-to spot for high end steaks and fine wine, while also having a good time.

Jim Casey: “My favorite thing about Mallebar is I get to create something new every day… We put out a beautiful amouse bouche to start your meal every night. We have a fantastic French wine list. But you’re coming in. You’re enjoying yourself. I think the atmosphere is really nice. It’s got a nice view. and you’re really sitting down and enjoying yourself and tasting some fine-quality food.”

Mallebar Brasserie
15 Main Street
Plymouth, MA 02360
(508) 747-047