Leena’s Kitchen
63 Long Pond Road Plymouth,MA (774) 404-7470 www.leenaskitchen.com

Nothing’s more nostalgic than grandma’s homemade gnocchi.

And more satisfying than nonna’s slow cooked bolognese.

Or sweeter than a bite of her tiramisu.

So if you’re looking for some Italian comfort food and a true taste of a traditional Sunday dinner with the family, get yourself a seat in Leena’s Kitchen.

Located just off of Route 3 in Plymouth, Leena’s Kitchen is a beautiful eatery serving all of the classic Italian fare brother/sister restaurateurs Daniel Casinelli and Lisa Marsh grew up on. So they named the space after their grandmother and created a vibe much like her dining room.

“Leena was my Nonna, my dad’s mom, who grew up in Italy and came to America in the ’60s and she loved to cook.”

“A big thing that we focus on here with our guests is nobody is ever rushed out of here. We want everybody to come and really sit back, relax, and we really want to cater to your every single need.”

“You come to Leena’s to relax, kick back with friends and family, and just enjoy some…delicious food and some delicious Italian wine.”

So Phantom took the siblings suggestion, grabbed a big glass of vino and got ready to mangia in search of THE PERFECT MEAL.

The antipasto section of Leena’s menu is both classic and creative.

There’s a beautiful meat and cheese board perfect for nibbling over some drinks, crispy ciabatta crostini topped with slow-cooked short rib, gorgonzola cream and pickled shallots.

And the ever so comforting arrancini- stuffed with garlic risotto and cheese and served over a spicy tomato sauce.

“I feel like the arancini for me is a comfort food. You eat em and they make you feel good”

Leena’s loyalists will tell you to start with the eggplant rolatini that’s sliced thin, breaded and fried, stuffed with housemade ricotta and served in a San Marzano tomato sauce.

“It’s one of those dishes that you just can’t stop eating every time because you have the crispiness and the creaminess and then the richness of the sauce. It’s so addicting.”

But since you’re near the coast, the must order app has to be Leena’s Fried Losbter Ravioli’s.

“I think the people like our lobster raviolis because when you cut open, you see the chunks of lobster and it’s just incredible how much lobster’s in there and it’s fresh and it’s just so good fried. It’s just out of this world.”

Since they’re all housemade, pastas here are a must, whether you go for the hearty wild boar bolognese presented over a rigatoni with a dollop of sage ricotta. Or the pillowy gnocchi- served simply, but satisfying over a flavorful San Marzano tomato sauce.

“Our gnocchi is a hand-rolled gnocchi, which is boiled to the consistency of almost little pillows. It’s in a San Marzano-style tomato sauce with come mozzarella and a little basil in there.”

“It really just melts in your mouth. It has that pillow texture where you can’t stop eating them because they’re just so tender and delicious.”

Entrees range from the light and lovely pan-seared sea scallops served over a saffron risotto with roasted garlic butter. To the satisfying Pork Milanese pounded ultra think and topped with a refreshing mix of arugula and lemon.

“The pork is sliced thin, so the presentation is these two very large pieces of pork and it comes with a nice arugula salad, which is a little lighter, so they go together nicely.”

But for the ultimate entree at Leena’s, you’ve got to get yourself the Lamb Shank.

“The lamb shank is definitely a dish that when guests see it coming out of the kitchen, everybody is like, “I want that. What is that?”

“I think the lamb shank dish is just a “wow” dish. You walk through the dining room. People look at it. There’s a big bone sticking out. They’re thinking, “What is this? Can I get it?”

“The presentation of the bone standing straight up and then the aroma from the truffle oil and then once you start eating it, the texture with the creamy mushroom risotto to the tenderness of the lamb that just melts in your mouth.”

“People come back to get it again or people come in and say, “Hey, my friend said the lamb shank’s amazing. What’s that about?” It’s just very popular.’

But no matter what you get for your entree, you should always order an additional side of Lenna’s Lobster Mashed Potatoes.

“It’s loaded with lobster meat, lobster claws. I mean, people are just amazed at the amount of lobster meat in these lobster mashed potatoes.”

And if you don’t get your fill from that, you certainly will at dessert- whether you order the palate pleasing tiramisu or the bananas foster- with vanilla gelato and pecan syrup.

“The bananas Foster is a big hit. We have shortbread at the bottom and then some gelato, vanilla gelato, with brûléed bananas and then on top, the server will pour a pecan sauce that’s made in-house and it’s to die for.”

“It just tastes amazing, this is really one of those desserts that once you order it once, you’ll order it over and over.”

Lobster Ravioli, House made Gnocchi, An oversized Lamb Shank, and the Banans Foster make for the PERFECT MEAL at Leena’s Kitchen.