Huntspoint BBQ

Nobody loves cooking barbecue more than Johnny Love.

Johnny Love – Owner, Huntspoint BBQ: “I find peace when I’m out here. I totally love cooking. I totally love making sure that people when they try my barbecue they say, ‘Oh My God, that’s the best barbecue that I’ve ever had.’ You can’t get much better than that.”

Located along busy Route 125 in Epping, New Hampshire, Huntspoint BBQ is a no frills spot where the focus is on three things… meat, meat, and meat.

Lovely Love – Owner, Huntspoint BBQ: “Meat is good. Everyone should eat meat.”

That’s Johnny’s Love’s wife. Her name is Lovely. Which makes her Lovely Love.

Lovely Love – Owner, Huntspoint BBQ: “His name is Johnny Love, my name is Lovely Love. It’s my legal name, it’s my real name, yes.”

Johnny and Lovely got their start in the barbecue business selling top quality meats to competition barbecue teams. A few years ago, they opened a butcher shop to offer those same great meats to home cooks. And now they’ve added on a restaurant, where Johnny’s slow smoked barbecue is the real deal.

Johnny Love – Owner, Huntspoint BBQ: “Our barbecue is all about precision, great quality, we only use 100% dry rubs. All our meat is 100% natural. We’re all about quality.”

When it comes to cooking, Johnny smokes his meats in a big red pit right outside the restaurant.

Johnny Love – Owner, Huntspoint BBQ: “The smoker came from Texas, it’s custom built. And in here you’ve got some briskets. I like to cook ten briskets at a time in here. And the briskets come out totally wonderful.”

That’s because Johnny cooks those briskets low and slow for hours, using Wagyu beef he sources himself, and techniques he’s learned from a lifetime in the barbecue business.

Johnny Love – Owner, Huntspoint BBQ: “I love brisket. I don’t find it challenging anymore to cook it, I’ve perfected my brisket cook. So what makes my brisket really great is it’s going to be tender, it’s going to be juicy, it’s going to be really really delicious.”

And it’s going to be sliced to order, and served straight up, no sauce necessary.

Johnny Love – Owner, Huntspoint BBQ: “We will never sauce our meats. There’s no need to. Why would you want to cover up great flavors? If you make mistakes, cover it up. We don’t need to cover up our meats.”

If ribs are your thing, you’re gonna love the ones Johnny serves; big, meaty, and perfectly smoked.

Johnny Love – Owner, Huntspoint BBQ: “St. Louis ribs. They’re really great quality, they’re nice, thick, and they’re going to have really great flavor. We use a dry rub just specifically for pork, and then we cook those ribs using specific species of wood to maximize and enhance the flavor not overtake the flavor of the ribs.”

For something a little lighter, try the Pulled Pork Sandwich, served on a Potato Roll and topped with homemade Apple Cole Slaw.

Johnny Love – Owner, Huntspoint BBQ: “You’re gonna get that crunch from the apple that’s in the cole slaw. It’s going to have the true essence of pork, the way that pork should really taste, and it’s going to totally melt in your mouth.”

And if you can’t choose between the pulled pork or the rack of ribs, just come to Huntspoint on Friday for their weekly whole pig roast.

Johnny Love – Owner, Huntspoint BBQ: “We’ve been cooking this pig since the early morning hours. It’s almost ready. You know there’s nothing quite like having some of these pieces off of a smoked whole hog. It’s the best way to go. Because that skin there keeps all the juices in, and everything that’s in here, it’s basting in its own juices.”

To round out your feast you’ve got to have some sides, because Johnny Love says it just isn’t barbecue without them.

Johnny Love – Owner, Huntspoint BBQ: “You’ve got to have mac and cheese. You’ve got to have collard greens. You’ve got to have Apple cole slaw, mashed potatoes. These are some of the basic side dishes that if you don’t have in a barbecue restaurant, it’s just not barbecue.”

And all those classic sides come courtesy of Lovely Love.

Lovely Love – Owner, Huntspoint BBQ: “I make everything from scratch. Collard Greens we use one hundred percent fresh collard greens. We make our baked beans from dried beans. And these days it’s very hard to find homemade food made from scratch, and people come here, they try our food, and they come back because they love it.”

In fact, they love it so much Johnny often sees customers coming over from the fast food spot across the street.

Johnny Love – Owner, Huntspoint BBQ: “I’ve got a lot of customers over at Wendy’s across the street, they’re in their drive-thru looking at us and ordering and they’re like, ‘you know what, I don’t want that, I want this right here!'”

So to satisfy that fix for a better burger, Huntspoint serves one made in house with Wagyu brisket. But for those looking for a burger like they’ve never had before, Lovely makes a secret menu item known as the Inside Burger.

Lovely Love – Owner, Huntspoint BBQ: “Lovely’s Inside Burger. This is my grandmother’s recipe. It’s like fried dough burger. First we cut the onions, then we mix it up with the ground beef, and then from there we add our rubs into it. And we open the dough, it’s has to be like this shape, this big, it’s like six inches across, and then we put the burger in the middle, and then flatten out, and we close it. When someone orders it, we make it fresh, and we fry it up in the fryolater. And then we serve it. It tastes like fried dough, burger inside, juicy, a lot of flavor, and it’s a great burger. You will love it.”

And if you love meat, you’ll love everything served up by Johnny and Lovely Love.

Johnny Love – Owner, Huntspoint BBQ: “Once you guys come down, eat my food, and then understand what really great barbecue is, you’ll love it. You’ll totally love it.”

Huntspoint BBQ
114 Calef Highway
Epping, NH 03042
(603) 679-5700