Doggz & Hoggz

There’s only one question you need to ask yourself next time you’re on the Cape.
Are you ‘Team Dog’?

“Gourmet hot dogs. How can you go wrong with that?”

“Look at it. It looks good and it tastes good.”

Or are you ‘Team Hog’?

“I don’t know where he learned to cook BBQ- but he learned it in the right place.”

“It’s like my grandmother cooked it.”

“It’s all about the smoking and the tender love Mike gives it. That’s for sure.”

“It’s something you have to try”

And if you just can’t decide, you can get a little of both at Doggz and Hoggz.
Located in this small, unassuming spot on Route 28 in Falmouth, Doggz and Hoggz is a super casual spot serving up gourmet hot dogs, alongside great barbecue and housemade stuffed quahogs….which explains the name, according to owner and pitmaster, Mike Bullard.

“The doggz part was a funny name for a variety of different dogs, different styles, different toppings. The hoggz part covers the pork and quahogs.”

So you can have a little surf and turf in a casual laid back setting with counter service, a casual vibe and a great aroma.

“9 times out of 10 people will walk in the door and they will smell what’s going on. They will smell either the smoke, or if we just made something. You can smell it as you go by. Just makes you want to pull right in.”

If you ARE driving by, you’ll usually find Mike out front tending to the slow smoked barbeque which is just part of the ‘hoggz’ side of the menu.

“We have the Lang smoker out of Georgia. This is the hot box. This is where the heat comes from. What it does, it creates a barrier of flavor around the meats. Some people can taste the apple in it, ’cause it’s a sweeter wood. We also have a three layer-rub that we use.”

“We smoke it and we let it rest overnight and then we put it on the smoker the next day. But those flavors all together just make for such an unbelievable experience in our barbecue.”

So you can always expect the que to be on point- especially the brisket.

“Their brisket is the best on this side of the Mississippi. Hands down.”

“The butt end of the brisket is where you get a lot more flavor because it’s fattier and the fat makes the flavor. You have to smoke it longer, but the fatness inside of it gets all the meat all juicy and the flavor comes out. Even though it looks like it’s well-done, the juices pour right off of it. You can smell it. Taste it. And that’s one of the great things about the brisket up here.”

Other ‘hog’ standouts include the pulled pork sandwich- served on a Portuguese roll.

“You get a nice mound of pulled pork and then it’s just basically tossed with our sauce and that’s it. That’s it. It’s just pulled pork, sauce, the portuguese bread and that’s our number one sandwich.”
But there are two stages to the ‘hoggz’ side of the Doggz and Hoggz menu.

“The other side of the hoggz part is our stuffed quahogs. Quahogs should taste like a quahog. It should taste like the clam. It should taste like what it came from. There’s really only five, maybe six ingredients in our quahogs. We have a plain quahog and we have a linguica quahog. We also serve that on our surf and turf, which you would get a quahog and two all American dogs, which is a very big seller here.”
And that brings us to the “dog” side of the menu- where they offer over a dozen varieties- using one of the best wieners around.

“So we use a Dietz & Watson product. When you bite into one of these dogs, you taste flavor. It just pops out. There’s a little bit of snap to it, but not a whole lot, ’cause we do them on the grill. But it just, the flavor profile just comes out right away. These dogs here have had the most flavor of any other dogs that we’ve tried and we haven’t changed.”

So there’s this take on a Chicago Dog, topped with tomato, onion, relish and celery salad and the Texas Dog loaded up with house made chili and cheese.

“This is probably the best chili and cheese dog you’d ever have. If not, then you let me know. It’s like having chili on filet mignon.”

For a little hog on your dog, order the Pork and Dog piled up with that slow smoked pulled pork.
“If you come in and you come in and you’re decisive, indecisive on having a dog or the pulled pork, uou can get the dog and the pork all in one and get the whole experience on the pork and dog.”

But since you’re in Falmouth, a Cape Cod Dog is a must- topped with a housemade cranberry apple relish.
“When you put the saltiness of the hot dog and the sweetness of the Cape Cod relish with the craisins and the apples, it just makes for a whole different experience.”

So whether you play for Team Dog or are a proud member of Team Hog, you’ll most definitely leave a winner when you eat at Doggz and Hoggz.