Bowlero Shrewsbury

Where can you order an appetizer sampler that’s perfect to split, while you’re trying to finish off a 7-10 split.

And knock back this massive cocktail while you’re knocking down some pins?

Or light up the lanes over a burger that literally sparks?

“It’s like the burger of your wildest dreams right here guys.”

For oversized food and over the top fun, you’ve got to GO to Bowlero.

Located on Route 9 in Shrewsbury, Bowlero is a super fun bowling alley where the offerings are way beyond the norm.   Executive Chef Heather Palmer is the kingpin of the kitchen, housed inside a space that from the outside appears to be a camper.

“The corner of the kitchen is made to look like an RV. So it’s kind of like you’re camping in a little bit of one section of the building.”

The rest of the 40,000 square-foot space is clad with 40 black lit lanes, blinking arcade games and kitschy retro decor throughout.

“When people come in the door the first thing that we usually hear is, “Wow.  It just pops when you walk in the door. Your eyes go to everything. You’re looking at the…the black-lights that are up on the ceiling, the reflective lanes, the new arcade and the bar that’s right in front of you, as well.  It is definitely an upscale experience from the typical bowling.”

And the menu mirrors the space, with food that will bowl you over.

“I would definitely say that this is a nice spin from what people are used to at a bowling alley.”

There are crispy pizzas piled with pepperoni Irish Nachos topped with plenty of bacon and every sized burger from these adorable sliders to this pile up of patties called The Monster Burger featuring 2 four ounce patties topped with all of the good stuff.

“Our Monster Burger over here is our version of a Big Mac on steroids.”

But if you really want to get your beef on, you’re going to have to order the Beheamouth Burger- a sandwich that’s not only a feat to eat, but also assembling it is quite an accomplishment as well.

“We’re going to be making the behemouth burger right now. We have our five pound patty right here.  Nice and pounded out 14 inches and right behind it we have our homemade bun. First things first is we season the grill. Our salt and pepper blend goes right on there.  Look at that. Flip her right on the grill. When we flip this Behemoth Burger we have to use a pizza paddle. It is so big that a pizza paddle is the only thing that we can flip it with. I would like to say it’s challenging but we make it into a good time as well. It’s always fun here at Bowlero.”

And then it’s all about the toppings.

“Were going to start with our round up sauce that we make in house. I’m going to put some of this deliciousness on the bottom.  Make sure we spread it all around there. Now that we’ve got our round up sauce on, we put on our shredded romaine. Next we have our sliced tomatoes. After the tomatoes we’re going to put on all of these pickles.  2 cups to be exact.  Look at this beautiful thing in all of it’s splendor. Some more of that good round up sauce on top.   Like the say the sauce is the boss- you can never have too much. Finished with a steak knife and everyone goes out with a sparkler. That’s our five pound beheamouth.”

And check this out; The Alley Sampler is a dish you’re going to want to share over spares.

“It’s a little bit of everything. And that way you don’t have to make up your mind what you want because with the Alley Sampler we literally give you everything you’re looking for in one plate.”

This smorgasborad of starters includes hand breaded chicken tenders served with honey mustard… and ultra crispy Buffalo Wings.

“So the Buffalo Wings, those are amazing as well. We get those in raw. We marinate them. We bake them in the oven and then we fry them to order. A little crispy, but not too crispy.”

Other sections of this sampler include gooey mozzarella sticks, hand cut tortilla chips topped with pickled jalapenos, pico and queso and fried pickles done a little differently.

“Our fried pickles at Bowlero are a little bit different than everybody else’s. We’ve strayed from the pickle slices. We do a whole pickle spear over here. The Alley Sampler is fantastic. It has everything on it that you’d like to try. And it literally is a little bit of everything.”

If pretzels are your thing, you can go with this enormous one served with homemade queso and mustard or try the Pretzel Dog

“So, Pretzel Dog, that is part pretzel, part dog. It is a one foot long pretzel dog, that we make in house.”

“It comes with four ounces of queso and four ounces of mustard. We cut it in half and we serve it on the bias and it’s fantastic.”

And once you’re at the end of your string, and worked up more of an appetite, you’re going to want to get yourself a Monster Cookie Melt.

“So the Monster Cookie, it’s cookies that we make that we push into a cast-iron pan that is absolutely gooey-ooey when it comes out of the oven, with two scoops of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate syrup on top.”

And while she spends her time working hard to knock out hunger as customers knock down pins, a day in the kitchen to Heather like rolling a perfect string.

“It’s definitely satisfying to watch people eat, especially enjoying the food that we make for them. It definitely makes us happy knowing that everybody  enjoys what comes out of the kitchen for them.”

Bowlero Shrewsbury
405 Boston Turnpike, Route 9
Shrewsbury, MA 01545
(508) 754-7050