Beach Plum

“Two of the best reasons to live in New England are seafood and summer. So on a nice day, I love to drive to New Hampshire to enjoy seafood and summer at the Beach Plum. They better have a lot of fried clams.

This just has a great summer vibe. They’ve got the high ceilings, the picnic tables and benches inside and outside. You know you’re going to have fun. How can you not like a place that has this out front?

The only problem at this place is figuring out what to order off this giant menu, which runs from here all the way over to here. So I’m going to describe some of my favorite items to help you figure out what to order.

It’s an odd thing about people from New England, we love eating a hot clam chowder on a warm summer day. And the Beach Plum makes a great one. It’s loaded with clams, and potatoes, it’s so tasty. My test of great clam chowder is if the spoon stands straight up when you stick it in the clam chowder. That’s an A+.

Beach Plum has a half dozen sizes of lobster rolls, which I think is their best item. I like to get this one, this is 6 ounces of lobster meat. But if you’ve got the guts (and the gut), and you want to get 20 ounces of lobster, you can get two of these with a side of fries. Now this is how you make a lobster roll. Tons of lobster meat, just a little mayonnaise, and of course it’s on that toasted hot dog roll.

If you’re in the mood for sandwich, I recommend the Big Catch. This is a fried haddock sandwich and it’s so big, this part here known as the Whale Tail actually sticks outside the roll. So what I like to do is pull off the Whale Tail, dip it in the delicious tartar sauce. that’s an appetizer from your sandwich.

If you can’t decide what to get, you want to try a bunch of a things, maybe you want the Fisherman’s Platter. This has fried haddock, fried shrimp, scallops, fried clams, French fries, and made from scratch cole slaw and tartar sauce. This thing is absolutely gigantic and they fry each item specifically so they’re fried to a perfect golden brown deliciousness. There’s a lay of French fries under this you can’t even see. That’s how much food it is. This is a serious taste of summer.

I love lobster just as much as the next guy. But to me, the number one summer food is the fried clam. They make them big and plump and delicious. And I love the way they serve them half on the paper plate, half in the paper box. What makes the fried clam so great is that it’s really two tastes in one. The outer portion has that sweet taste. Then you go inside to the belly, which has that wonderful taste of the ocean. So good.

This is the footlong hot dog, a legitimate 12 inches long. It’s so big, they can’t even find a roll to put it in. Then what I do is I create what I like to call the Andelman Family Surf and Turf: a hot dog with fried clams.

As if you haven’t had enough choice, enough food, enough deliciousness, this place serves 78 different kinds of ice cream. Most ice cream parlors doesn’t serve 78 kinds of ice cream. Now I’m old school. This is my favorite: the mint chocolate chip. You can also get specialty items like a Reeses’ Sundae or the traditional banana split. And that is one sweet way to end the meal at one of the great summer type restaurants even seen on Phantom Gourmet: The Beach Plum.

Epping NH, Portsmouth NH, North Hampton NH