Backyard Betty’s

A double stacked burger and one of the biggest plates of nachos around.

“The nachos redefine loaded nachos.”

Old school decor meets modern vintage.

“You walk to the left it’s a new scene, you walk to the right, it’s a nostalgic area.”

And a wood burning grill, firing up all sorts of flavor.

“You’re getting all the pure essence of the smoke and the wood.”

Feeling hungry?

It’s time to get ready, for Backyard Betty’s.

Located on West Broadway in South Boston, Backyard Betty’s is a down-home spot serving the kind of food you grew up eating at family bbqs according to manager Steve Fiasconaro.

“Backyard Betty’s is a restaurant based off the Americana concept. Backyard cookout, fresh off the grill food, everything that you could think of in your backyard from the decor to the grill. Everything kind of gives you that outdoor feel.”

So along with owner, Theo Bougas and General Manager, PJ Crowley, they’ve created a dining room clad with retro TVs playing all of your childhood favorites, vintage seating, and kitchy lighting. Off to the side, you’ll find a casual bar reminiscent of your dad’s garage with all of the throwback knickknacks you’d expect.

“As you can see, the lights hanging this way, the garage bar, which has a tone of great things. Old signs, tools, this beautiful bike we have behind us, it was almost like to get to that whole backyard theme of being a kid, being at home, your dad’s garage. ”

“The whole theme is feeling like you’re back home, eating, grilling outside and everybody likes feeling like they’re a kid even as an adult.”

And while the decor of the place certainly sets the tone, the J&R wood-burning oven provides the flavor to the cookout style cuisine.

“That was the whole point of it, food that you can get in your back yard that we actually make here, ”

“There’s no better taste than having a piece of meat, piece of fish, vegetables on this wood burning grill. It’s just a whole different flavor.”

There are many ways to feast on all of the flavor coming off the grill, whether you go for their 1/2 spit roasted chicken or try their ultra tender tips. But the true char comes on the wings, which can be ordered sauced or naked.

“They have a quick dry rub for a finish to give it a little bit of crispiness, once you break that skin and get in there the juiciness and smokiness of that wing, I’ll put them up against anybody.”

“You bite into it and the meat practically falls off the bone. Nice and moist, nice and tender. The rub gives it a nice, teeny bit of a kick to it. It’s really nice.”

Another poultry standout is Betty’s Nashville Hot Fried Chicken Sandwich topped with pickles and a cucumber creama.

“The Nashville hot fried chicken. It’s the best chicken sandwich I’ve ever had.”

“It’s just full of flavor the crunch in this, the juiciness of the chicken, it just has a ton of flavor, and it’s nice with that little kick; not too much but just enough.”

And customers can’t get enough of Backyard Betty’s Loaded Nachos- presented in such a way that every chip is covered with the good stuff.

“What we do is we toss them with the cheese and the beans, so that way, underneath all the toppings, there’s no just flat sheet of nachos.”

“We’re tossing them, putting them on a large paella plate, and then heating the paella plate on the open flame from there.”

“We wanna get a little bit of something on every chip that we put in the paella pan. So we toss it with the cheese, we toss it with the beans, we top it with the pico. We have an option to do the chicken, we have an option to do pulled pork. And you get it and it’s like, “Wow. I had no idea it was gonna be this much.”

Other great ways to kick off your meal include Betty’s oversized onion rings served with a buffalo blue dipping sauce and adorable pulled pork sliders with housemade slaw. There are crispy flatbreads, topped with pulled chicken, roasted bacon and pickled peppers. Or this one layered with all of the flavors of a fast food legend.

“The Big Mac pizza is pretty much putting a Big Mac in your mouth, and it’s on a piece of flatbread.”

“A Big Mac’s one of those childhood things. Everyone’s had a Big Mac in their life at one time or another, that’s another kind of comfort nostalgic memory.”

But if you want the real deal, Betty’s has you covered with their double stacked burger topped with tons of cheddar cheese, onions strings and their own signature sauce.

“Backyard Betty’s Burger is actually a double patty, thrown on a traditional burger bun, topped with pickles, shredded lettuce, and our homemade Backyard Betty’s sauce”

“Nice and juicy when it gets to the table, and it comes fresh off our grill. And it couldn’t be cooked more perfectly. And it tastes delicious.”

And on the weekends, brunch is just as tasty with offerings like Betty’s indulgent Chicken and Waffles.

“It smells amazing. The scoop of butter on top that almost reminds me of a scoop of vanilla ice cream, the diced apples, the syrup on top of it. The big hunk of fried chicken, it makes me want brunch all the time.”

And whether the weather is good for grilling or not, you can feel like you’re at a bbq in the yard at Backyard Betty’s.

Backyard Betty’s
170 Broadway
Boston, MA 02127
(617) 766-8955