Avenue N

Not fired, gem split, steak pizza, two burgers, mid, rare. Avenue N is a modern american bistro. Pierogies in.

We are located in Rumsfield, Rhode Island.

Let’s get a runner to the bar please.

We serve well-sourced, thoughtful food created from local ingredients, picked at the height of their freshness and I literally couldn’t do it without these guys.

Nora you’re up. Table six. Zach you’re up.

Our menu in general is really, really simple. It’s things that you know and love with our own little upgrades attached to them.

Hi, I’m Tracy Rabar.

Hi, I’m Nick Rabar.

Welcome to Avenue N.

Welcome to Avenue N.

So when you come to Avenue N, you can have a Margherita pizza, you can have kung-pao brussels sprouts.

The kung-pao Brussels sprouts are absolutely incredible.

They are crispy, delicious, sweet, sour.

The kids love them.

You can have Havana spiced wings.

The Havana wings are the best wings you can find anywhere.

They’re addictive.

You can get things like enchiladas, chicken steak, but my favorite thing on the menu is the burgers.

But my favorite thing on the menu is the enchiladas.

The Avenue N burger is a thing of beauty.

I like the burger because it brings me back to my childhood a little bit. I don’t eat burgers very often now. But when I do, I want an Avenue N burger for certain.

This is how we make the burger. It’s all natural beef. Little salt, little fresh cracked pepper. We put that right on the flat top. So the pan searing makes a really sensational crust on the outside of the burger. Sliced sesame bun, lightly buttered. Topped with melted cheddar, apple wood smoked bacon, Chipotle mayo, lettuce, tomato, grilled vidalia onions, on a locally baked sesame seed bun. Hand-cut french fries, house-made pickles, everything a growing boy could ask for. And that is the Avenue N burger.

The flavors I get when I bite into the Avenue N burger are juicy, delicious, smoky, with a hint of the grill, just buttery deliciousness. It’s literally the best burger I’ve ever had.

These enchiladas are a little homage to one of Tracy’s favorite home cooked dishes. They’re sweet potatoes and smoked cauliflower, wrapped in white corn tortillas, topped with red enchilada sauce, re-fried lentils, manchango cheese, salsa Verde and then re-topped with a little cotija, a little cilantro, a little fresh lime.

I think they are amazingly healthy, it’s a great way to sneak in some extra vegetables. They’re filling, they’re comforting, they have just the right amount of heat and spice.

On a scale of one to ten our enchiladas are-

A hundred.

So not only can you dine at Avenue N for dinner but you can also shop at The Pantry which is right next door.

The Pantry is Rhode Island’s premiere source for all things local. We have products from over 150 different farmers, creators, makers and producers in the area. A killer lunch menu and all things Rhode Island.

When you come to The Pantry you have to order the Korean Bulgogi Cheese Steak. It’s shaved steak, cheese sauce, spicy Korean [inaudible 00:02:54] style sauce, Kimchi, peppers, onions, scallions all wrapped up and pressed on the griddle. It all melts together just like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Nick has been cooking for over 20 years. Watching Nick cook is really what attracted me to him in the first place.

I became a chef because after going though a couple of small jobs in my youth I found my first kitchen and I feel in love. It was something I found when I was 15 and I’ve never thought twice about it.

Every time I see him in the kitchen it’s like falling in love all over again.

There’s no quantification for what Tracy does around here. She’s the heart and soul. When Tracy is here working a room people just feel special. They look for her, they want her here. She makes people smile, she makes them feel comfortable. She really, really, really understands what true hospitality is all about.

When guests dine at Avenue N we want them to experience dinner as if they were dining in our own home.

We want our guests to experience the highest form of hospitality in an environment that they are comfortable with, eating a thoughtful plate of food at a value they can appreciate.

I like this business because even though you have to work a lot it never really feels like you’re at work. I feel like when I’m at Avenue N I’m hosting an event or a party every single night.

You know people say it’s a hard business. I don’t think we could disagree more, it’s the most rewarding industry you could possibly find. You get to socially interact, you get to produce and create incredible memories for people. I would encourage anyone and everyone to get into it and don’t believe what you hear. It’s an incredible world to be in.

Avenue N
20 Newman Ave.
Rumford, RI 02916
(401) 270-2836