A3 Pizza

A lasagna with forty layers.

“I don’t know any other lasagna like it.”

Outstanding pizzas served with dips.

“I think it encourages people to to dig into that crust.”

And housemade mozzarella sticks that stretch for miles.

“It has the telephone cord stretch when you pull it apart.”

Those are just three reasons why you need to get to A3. But there are oh so many more.

Located Route 3A in Kingston, Mass, A3 Pizza, Pasta & Parm is the newest restaurant from chef/owner John Cataldi- who’s best known for his upscale spot nearby named Solstice. In this more affordable. family-friendly restaurant, he decided to bring a straight forward American-Italian restaurant reminiscent of the one his father owned when he was growing up.

“We’re unabashedly American Italian food. We’re not trying to be anything that we’re not. It’s the food we grew up with its food we liked food we like to cook. We’re Americans cooking Italian food. We are what we are and we’re proud of it and while ristotto with white, truffles is awesome, nothing better than having a slice of lasagna or a meatball in a Sunday. It just brings back memories sometimes eating something that you just fall in love as a child and you still enjoy as an adult.”

The appetizer section of the A3 menu has all of your American Italian standards. From loaves of house baked garlic bread great for sharing. Crostini topped with whipped ricotta and A3’s own hot honey. And mouthwatering meatballs John swears by.

“We start them in olive oil, get a little fry on them, and then finished by braising them in tomato sauce. It’s almost a creamy, juicy. But with a little crust on the outside. I think they’re the best..I’ve had meatballs forever. We had contests within my family. And what can I say? I always win. They’re better than everybody else’s? I’m not afraid to say that.”

And just one pull, and you’ll be able to tell A3’s mozzarella sticks did not come out of a bag.

“It’s not processed. I think you’ll notice a huge difference in the high quality the cheese first fried and olive oil and blend that we make ourselves for the season is is a nice touch.”

Now, when you’re at A3, you’ve got to get a pizza for the table.

“It’s American pizza. It’s the pizza that I first fell in love with as a kid. We’re cooking it in a deck oven. We’re just cooking at the way when I grew up. The way pizza was really cooked. There’s not a whole lot of fancy fancy toppings. I’d say it’s the best pizza around.”

There’s the Mauna Lao- John’s take on the Hawaiian Pizza topped with pineapple, house smoked bacon and pickled jalapeno. Or this one smothered in vodka sauce with chicken, bacon and basil. Then there’s the Johnny Pizza, appropriately named because it happens to be John’s favorite.

“Johnny’s named after me. It’s my favorite pizza. It’s a white sauce. And we use Italian sausage that we make in house. It has a little fennel in and a little spice in it. And then then sliced red onion over the top. I’ve never eaten one better.”

And for you all hot heads, there’s the Arrabiatta Angry Pizza topped with spicy pepperoni and that housemade hot honey.

“You get that spicy from the honey and the sweet from the sauce and the little bit of sweetness from the pepperoni and a little more spice from the pepperoni. It’s not overly spicy. The honey itself is pretty hot, but when all the things come together. The cheese mellows it out. I think it works for a great pie.”

And while the pizza is great on its own sauces like ranch, garlic butter, hot honey and marinara are available for your crust dipping needs.

“I think it encourages people to to dig into that crust or what we call pizza bones. It’s just a way to get them maybe to try the bones when they normally wouldn’t.”

Of course parms are a big part of this menu as well.

“We do a chicken parm a eggplant parm and a veal parm. All are cooked in olive oil all are made daily. Top it with fresh mozzarella, baked off in the oven for finishing touch talk to the little basil and romano cheese. It’s excellent.”

But its the fresh made pasta where the kitchen really shines with options like slow cooked Bolognese…

“The bolgonese itself is an eight hour bolognese. It’s a mixture of beef and pork, that we grind ourselves with some chicken stock, really high quality tomatoes. And when we finish it, we finish it with romano cheese. There’s nothing more satisfying than a bowl of pasta in bolognese. You know it’s hearty. kind of stick to your ribs, soul food that that I grew up with.”

The lasagna is anything but traditional. Stacking up at 40 layers, this dish takes time.

“We knew we wanted a serve a lasagna and we came up with an idea to stack it really high. So layer fresh pasta followed by a layer of ricotta mix another layer of pasta, followed by Bolognese. parmesan Romano, another layer of pasta, followed by another layer of ricotta cheese, followed by another layer of pasta followed by another level and use for by another until it’s done 40 layers later. We cut it, we cut it into a fairly thick slab and we saute take it in a pan with some olive oil. We top it with a dollop of ricotta cheese, just to really send it over the edge. ”

And with parms, pizza and pastas served at pocket friendly prices, a meal at A3 won’t send your bank account over the edge making it one Phantastic Meal Deal.

A3 Pizza
65 Summer St
Kingston, MA 02364
(781) 585-6555