The Copper Door

The atmosphere is luxuriously comfortable. The door outside is shockingly expensive. But the mouthwatering food is surprisingly affordable. The hand-crafted, well-rounded dining experience is tough to beat behind The Copper Door in Salem, New Hampshire.

Sandy Rozek – Private Dining Coordinator, The Copper Door Salem: “The Copper Door is the classic blend of creature comfort meets classic surroundings.”

Jay Smith – Executive Chef, The Copper Door: “When people come to the Copper Door and look at the menu, I want them to feel like they’ve seen these dishes before but they’re just slightly different than what they’re used to. A lot of comfort style foods, little twists on the comfort food to kind of go along with the atmosphere when they sit down and it feels kind of homey and it’s a nice open, comfortable atmosphere and I like the food to be the same way.”

Executive Chef Jay Smith is the inspiration in the kitchen. Sandy Rozek is dedicated to making the guests here as happy as possible. And just like the original Copper Door restaurant in Bedford, New Hampshire, this new location in Salem was designed with every detail in mind, right down to the door itself.

Sandy Rozek – Private Dining Coordinator, The Copper Door Salem: “It’s named Copper Door because of the first thing you notice when you first walk in is the giant beautiful handmade copper door. When you come on, you get an immediate greeting and immediate warmth. You immediately see the bar. The guests are plentiful around there, this is the number one place to go around here for cocktails after work. Well when you walk in, you’re going to see the fireplace, it’s always going to be lit for you to warm your tootsies. When you walk to the right hand side you’re going to see a very big, open, beautifully scaled dining room with lots of comforting booths, chairs. Everything from the pitch of the roof with the exposed beams and timbers to the giant paintings that are painted by our owner’s wife. They’re magnificent in scale, they’re warm and inviting, and truly something that you can feel comfortable in while enjoying dinner.”

Everything here is made by hand, and made from scratch. They have their own in-house butcher for top-quality steaks like the insanely tender filet mignon that’s grilled and topped with Maitre d’ Butter. Fresh seafood is delivered daily, from wasabi-crusted tuna to cedar plank salmon. There are Asian-inspired dishes like the crispy Chicken Rangoon, oe sweet and spicy Szechuan wings. But to back up for a moment, the first thing you’ll want to sink your teeth into is the Copper Door’s signature warm and fluffy monkey bread.

Jay Smith – Executive Chef, The Copper Door: “It’s baked fresh every 8 to 10 minutes. You’re always going to get a fresh loaf, steaming hot, warm butter on the top. We bake it, we put 5 little balls into the pan, and so when it bakes up, you have 5 sections of the bread that come up. So when it comes to the table, you can pull it apart. People flock here for the monkey bread.”

Sandy Rozek – Private Dining Coordinator, The Copper Door Salem: “It is warm, it’s sweet, it’s savory. It’s a mixture of all good things all in one big fresh baked bread.”

After the bread, it’s onto appetizers, and comfort food is the common denominator. Just check out the bite-sized Chicken and Wafles topped with maple syrup, Creole aioli, herbed-gravy and crispy prosicutto. Jumbo-sized tater tots loaded up with root beer braised pulled pork. And the top-selling sirloin spring rolls.

Sandy Rozek – Private Dining Coordinator, The Copper Door Salem: “They’re stinkin’ good. Because it’s fattening and gooey. And it’s like a Philly cheesesteak.”

Jay Smith – Executive Chef, The Copper Door: “We roast off fresh top sirloin rounds every night, slice them thin, saute them up with a little bit of shallots and garlic, provolone cheese, blue cheese, a little crispy fried onion on the top. It’s my favorite maybe on the appetizer menu so I give it a 10.”

So if the spring rolls are a 10, then the Five Onion Gratineee has gotta be an 11!

Jay Smith – Executive Chef, The Copper Door: “Five Onion Gratiness is our take on onion soup. It’s got Bermuda onion, Vidalia onion, Spanish onion, there’s cippolini onions in there as well as shallots, those are the five onions. Along with Swiss cheese, provolone. Get it nice and bubbly under the broiler, and delicious.”

And if that doesn’t sticks to your ribs, perhaps try the bacon-wrapped meatloaf.

Sandy Rozek – Private Dining Coordinator, The Copper Door Salem: “First of all, bacon is my favorite condiment. So I don’t think anything you could do with bacon would be a bad thing. But you wrap it, the meatloaf and the bacon, it’s on a bed of warmed mashed potatoes. Served with a side of potatoes. The Irish in me loves that. And then it’s served with a side of broccolini.

Jay Smith – Executive Chef, The Copper Door: “So that dish has pretty much every taste and texture you’d look for in an entree. It’s meaty and crispy from the bacon, and creamy from the mashed potatoes. Very rich. It’s filling. It’s hearty.”

So it’s comfort food with a sophistated spin. And a comfortable atmosphere with refined touches. No wonder customers have been breaking down the door… the Copper Door to be exact.

Sandy Rozek – Private Dining Coordinator, The Copper Door Salem: “Listen, you can go anywhere and have a decent meal. A decent cocktail. With decent experience. But that’s just OK. Our expectations are far greater than that. What we really want you to have is the best experience that you have.

Jay Smith – Executive Chef, The Copper Door: “When they leave, they’ll be talking about what a great experience they had not only food wise but what a great atmosphere, what great service they have, and how comfortable they felt as a guest here.”

41 S Broadway
Salem, NH
(603) 458-2033