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110 Grill

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This is a different way to do Chicken Parm. A flavorful new spin on steak frites.  And a sweet twist on the flatbread pizza.  And it's dishes like these that make the 110 Grill stand out from so many cookie-cutter restaurants. With locations in Nashua, New Hampshire and Chelmsford, Mass, 110 Grill is a lot nicer than most neighborhood pubs, but not nearly as expensive as you might think, as Chief Operating Officer Ryan Dion explains.
Ryan Dion - "110 Grill is where you can come in, you can have a delicious meal, in a very comfortable atmopshere.  We want to do something different than everybody else.  We like to take every day dishes that you've seen before and make them absolutely even more delicious."
So, the crispy fried pickle chips are served a housemade siracha aioli.  The chicken wings are basted in a sweet maple barbecue sauce.  And risotto is slow-stirred with scallops, butternut squash, and brown sugar honey butter. Nothing too crazy, but certainly nothing boring either, and that's how Chef Adam Dorey likes it.
Adam Dorey -  "Push the limits a little bit. Be a little bit more unique and trendy.  A lot of varied dishes... from all around the world, and all United States. From Beef Stroganoff to meatloaf to a jambalaya. I think one of our biggest compliments is that we have a wide variety of food... and kind of something for everybody."
Appetizers at the 110 are intended for big appetites.  You could order some deep fried short rib fritters stuffed with risotto, cheddar, and horseradish. Or you can dip and dunk your way through some Tater Tot Poutine.
Adam Dorey -  "Tater Tot Poutine is probably one of our most popular...They're served in a bowl. They're fried and seasoned, presented in a bowl with a caramelized shallot demiglace on top, kind of smothering them. And allowing them to absorb the moisture and soak into the potato. And then it's served with the housemade cheese sauce on the side."
And if you're a true tot fanatic, you can follow that up with the 110's signature burger known as the "The Cure", featuring a fire-grilled Angus patty, melted cheese, bacon, smashed tator tots and a fried egg.
Ryan Dion -  "We named it the Cure Burger because this will cure any hangover. .. because of the amount of flavors and the fried egg and the tator tots that are on top of the this delicious burger."
Adam Dorey - "With the calories and the contents and the flavors and the blend of breakfast and lunch together, it just overall works really well."
And if you're sick of eating same of style of Chicken Parmesan at every restaurant, they have the cure that too.
Ryan Dion -  "Our Chicken Caprese Parm is our house version of a chicken parm."
Adam Dorey -  "It's kind of one of our 110 Grill staple items. It's a breaded and fried chicken breast which is seasoned. It's topped with the pesto, roasted tomatoes, and fresh mozz, American cheese, and then baked again... and finished with a balsamic reduction. It's vibrant, it's colorful, it's flavorful, it's unique."
And it's one of the most popular entrees, along with the vibrant Chimichurri Steak topped with fries and a delicious Latin-style sauce.
"It's your classic oil based with garlic, your herbs, your parsley and your cilantro...
some banana pepper juice to give it a little bit of zing...  green and colorful."
Ryan Dion -  "It absolutely enhances the flavors completely. You can smell coming out of the kitchen right into the dining room."
If you're looking to keep things light, there's a Japanese inspired yellowfin tuna topped avocado, cucumber and honeydew over jasmine rice.  And if you want to load up on something heartier, there's the All American meatloaf with a barbecue ketchup Worcestershire glaze topped with fried onion strings. And then for dessert, check out the Peanut Butter Cascade stacked with a warm fudge brownie, peanut butter cup ice cream, and housemade hot fudge. Or even better, go for the Caramelized Banana Flatbread.
Adam Dorey -  "It's a cinnamon sugar naan bread. It's topped and kind of slathered with and seared with Nutella, warmed nutella. Caramelized bananas and it's finished with a sea salt caramel. The combination of flavors just work really well and it's a great way to end a great meal."
And if you're not ready to go home yet, you can grab another at the bar, or head outside to the fire pit.
Ryan Dion -  "Outside there's our beautiful patio... where you can go, have a drink, have an app, it's open year round."
Adam Dorey -  "It just looks amazing out there on our patio at night. We have tiki torches that surround it on the outer perimeter that light up the entire driveway when you head up this way, as well as our main fire pit which is surround by our comfortable couches."
Comfy surroundings plus comfort food equals one great dining experience at 110 Grill.
Adam Dorey -  "Food changes moods. It makes people happy. People come out to eat food and dine and socialize and interact and food is a big piece of our world, kind of our lives."
Ryan Dion -  "When people come here, they feel relaxed and they can kind of wind down after a long day or a long week."


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