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Planet Marshmallow
81 Hanover St.
Manchester, NH
(603) 625-8111

Planet Marshmallow

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A new planet has just been discovered.  But it's not in a galaxy far far away.  It's actually located right here on Earth, in downtown Manchester New Hampshire.  And Planet Marshmallow is the sweetest spot in the solar system.

This cozy dessert cafe is a dream come true for owner Heather Cox.

Heather Cox - Planet Marshmallow: "I've always wanted to have a cafe, always."

And while she does serve her share of cappuccinos, the real reason to land on Planet Marshmallow is for the marshmallows.

The marshmallows from Planet Marshmallow are all made by hand, in small batches, with no preservatives, and they're a world away from the typical store-bought stuff.

Heather Cox - Planet Marshmallow: "It's much softer, they come square, so they look a little bit different... And the flavor's very intense when toasted or melted."

But what really makes customers go crazy, is that when it comes to flavors, plain vanilla is just the beginning.

Heather Cox - Planet Marshmallow: "Usually they're like 'oh my god...' in flavors?'"

There are Chocolate Marshmallows, Raspberry Chocolate Chip Marshmallows, Toasted Coconut Marshmallows, even Mint Chocolate Chip Marshmallows.

Heather Cox - Planet Marshmallow: "When you're tasting it, it literally tastes like mint chocolate chip ice cream without the brain freeze."

For a little heat along with the sweet, check out the Chocolate Chipotle Marshmallow.  It's a favorite of the customers, and of Heather's daughter Jessica.

Jessica Nelson - Marshmallow Maker: "Probably chipotle, if you like a little spice, it's got a little kick with the chocolate.  So that's probably my favorite.  Or the Chocolate Peanut Butter Bash, or the Coconut.  They're really all good, you can't go wrong."

Before opening Planet Marshmallow less than a year ago, Heather taught herself how to make marshmallows at home, and she's always experimenting with new flavor combinations, like Banana Monkey.

Heather Cox - Planet Marshmallow: "We take gelatin and we let the gelatin sort of bloom up, it takes about ten minutes.  And then we take that gelatin and we put it into a stand mixer.  And to the stand mixer and the gelatin we add a little bit of salt, and boiled sugar, corn syrup, and water.  We'll whip it for eleven minutes, because that's my lucky number.   In the mixer, while it's in there we're gonna add a little bit of coloring to make the banana color yellow.  We're gonna add a little bit of banana extract, and then when it comes out, we're gonna put on top of it crushed walnuts and chocolate chips, and we're gonna kind of rake them through a little bit."

Once the marshmallow sets, and is cut into cubes, the combination of banana, chocolate, and walnut, takes your taste buds straight to the tropics.

Of course the best thing to do with marshmallows is to make Smores.  But if you don't want all that hassle, there's a Smore Marshmallow with crushed graham crackers and rich chocolate that packs everything great about the campfire classic into one conveniently delicious bite.

Heather Cox - Planet Marshmallow: "So you don't need the graham cracker, or the chocolate, if you don't have it.  All you need is just to eat the marshmallow and you can toast it and it tastes just like a Smore that you've made at the campfire.  Or if you don't want to toast it and just pop it into your mouth out of a bag it literally tastes like Smores."

If you prefer to make your own Smores, Planet Marshmallow has got you covered.  Because they'll put together a platter with everything you need to roast your own right at the table.

Heather Cox - Planet Marshmallow: "We do a little fire for them, and we bring it out, and we bring the graham crackers and the chocolate and the different flavors of marshmallows, and you can sit right down, try a bunch of different marshmallows, and make your own Smores.  You put it together yourself, we just supply you with everything you need to do it."

And just in case you're not up for the do it yourself dessert experience, there are plenty of other decadent delights, like a luscious vanilla cheesecake smothered in salted caramel, a three layer Coconut Cake with white chocolate buttercream frosting, and a devilishly dense Peanut Butter Pie.

Heather Cox - Planet Marshmallow: "It has a thick chocolate cookie crust, and we make our hot fudge homemade here from scratch, with very dark chocolate, so we do a dark chocolate hot fudge over it, with homemade vanilla whipped cream, and Reese's peanut butter cups on top."

But in the end, it's the marshmallows that keep customers of all ages coming back.

Heather Cox - Planet Marshmallow: "You'll have a table with people that are in their seventies, and then you've got a table next to them with a bunch of six year olds, and everybody's making Smores and toasting marshmallows, and it's fun."

For uniquely delicious marshmallows that are truly out of this world, blast off to Planet Marshmallow, a Phantom Gourmet... Hidden Jewel.

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