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Harvest Market  
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Harvest Market  

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"These are melons, cantaloupe that we started 10-12 days ago.  They're just starting to come out. Just pull them out and plant them.  Nice eggplant parmigiana".


It doesn't get much more farm to table than this.


"I'm a fourth generation farmer here.  I've been farming all my life.  I'm 50 years old so I was born and bread on a farm.  Started milking cows and went right into doing vegetables."


Because at The Harvest Market in Swansea, Massachusetts they're actually growing all of the produce themselves just out back.


"We plant everything. Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers. Summer an zucchini squash- we do it all.   Sweet corn.  We plant everything for the market and that's what we provide all summer long for our Harvest Market."


That's farmer, Steven Noons.  He's in charge of the land.


"He gets up about 3:00 a.m., goes to the cornfield, picks corn, and then his day starts from there. He doesn't get home til about 7:00 p.m." 


While his wife Tammy and daughter Megan, manage the farm stand.   But Harvest Market is more than just your ordinary side of the road vegetable shop.


"Harvest Market is a one stop shop."  


"It's a farmer's market indoors. So we have a little restaurant, a café, a little deli, bakery, local products, and farm fresh vegetables from our farm." 


"It's got that nice rustic farmy feel to it when you walk in. It feels like home."


And the food served at The Harvest Market tastes HOMEmade.

There are juicy burgers topped with a farm fresh egg... and comfort food classics like Turkey Dinners, Spaghetti and Meatballs, Country Meatloaf and piping hot Chicken pies, made to order.   


"We actually slow roast our own whole chickens, and then we pull the meat off it, and we use that meat in our chicken pot pies. It's hot and steamy, and it's got huge carrots and potatoes in it. And it's like a thick, creamy. Just a wholesome dinner."  


But for a true taste of what Harvest Market is all about, you've got to line up at their all you can eat soup and salad bar.  


"We try to use all fresh ingredients from the farm. And it's small so we can keep it very fresh."  


From there, you gotta try one of their signature Stuffed Quahogs using a family recipe- made by Tammy's mom, Gail.


"She likes them cut a certain way.  You don't do it her way, she says they're no good. She makes you start over. She likes the onions chopped a certain way...It has to be spicy, so she puts red crushed pepper in there. And she uses local chourizo, and it's a passion. She enjoys doing it. "


One bite, and you can tell why she's the Quahog Queen.


"You can taste the seafood. You can taste the chourizo. You can taste the spiciness. They have a nice crispy outside to them. They taste wonderful with hot sauce on them. They're unique but delicious." 


Other local favorites include the Portuguese Ribeye Sandwich- topped with roasted red peppers and a fried egg or that retro Fall River favorite, the Chow Mien Sandwich.   Served on Saturdays only, this sloppy spuckie combines crispy Chow Mein noodles, sauted vegetables and hamburger for a tasty textural burst in your mouth. 


"Some people like it smooshy and wet, and some people like it crunchy. I personally like it crispy. I like to taste the crispiness with the juice and the celery and the hamburger in it, but everybody likes it a little different." 


Since we're near the seacoast, the fish is always fresh- and the portions at Harvest Market are always plentiful. 


"The Combo Platter's giant. Definitely good for two people. You've got scallops, shrimp, clams, a whole fish and chip, over a bed of fries, cole slaw, tarter sauce, and then grandma's stuffie."  


You can even get all of that fresh seafood served on top of a pizza called The Shoreman.


"The Shoreman's Pizza is a seafood pizza and it has fresh shrimp and scallops and bacon on it.  It tastes like seafood. It tastes like the sea." 


And because this is a working farm, this family is always up early, so they serve breakfast starting at 6am with options like The Hungry Start- three eggs served the way you want 'em with chorizo home fries and pancakes or this Sweet Bread Sandwich stuffed with two fried eggs, and bacon.  And for something even sweeter, there's always one of their over the top donuts like this spin on a campfire favorite.  


"The s'mores doughnut is just a mixture of marshmallow, chocolate, and graham crackers all into one delicious bite In between a doughnut."


Other sweets good at anytime of the day include the decadent Peanut butter Brownie Cupcake, this fun Fruity Pebble Shake or this enormous whoopie pie which always catches customers by surprise.


"Usually their eyes widen a little bit when they buy the whoopie pie, because the see the size of it."


And whether you go for something healthy from the salad bar- or something hearty from the kitchen, you can feel good knowing it was cultivated and cooked especially for you.


"It really is farm to table, and I do believe people do appreciate that."  


"To see the people come in everyday and enjoy what we did.  It’s overwhelming.  Especially for me because it's something that I wanted to do all my life."

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