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2 Jerks BBQ Kitchen & Bar
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2 Jerks BBQ Kitchen & Bar

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When the sign says '2 Jerks', you gotta wonder what's going on inside this restaurant.
"2 Jerks Barbecue is named after myself and my brother.  He's the main chef here.  He spent a lot of time living in Tennessee where he mastered the art of bbq."
"I lived down in Tennessee for about 6 years and I got exposed to a lot of bbq out there."
"It's all about bbq here. We do all authentic style bbq- Memphis style ribs, Texas brisket,  North Carolina pulled pork and other greats southern entrees."
Chris and John Depalma are the aforementioned 2 Jerks-a sarcastically endearing name their mother Jill came up with when these barbecue loving brothers were boys. 
"Well let's just say while they were growing up, the name suited them."
"That's probably accurate.  Yah." 
"This could of been a French bistro, it still would of been 2 Jerks French Bistro.  It was a name she was dead set on so we stuck with it."  
And what started off as a hobby has turned into a big, comfortable, southern style restaurant with high ceilings, Que inspired decor and a smoker out back where it's all done the way it should be- low and slow.
"The perception of barbecue up here is just grilling. But the reality is slow smoke- taking the time to gently smoke everything low and slow til it's nice and tender." 
"By no means is bbq easy to do.  There's a lot of time and preparation each and every day into what we do."
So 2 Jerks' wings are smoked for close to two hours to provide maximum flavor. 
"You are getting an authentically smoked chicken wing which you cannot find anywhere else in this area. We use 100 percent hickory wood here. You have this great burst of hickory smoked flavor after every single bite." 
And the St. Louis Ribs take about 5 hours to smoked and they're served dry so you can sauce them yourself.
"They are moist, tender as can be.   The do fall off the bone.  They are St. Louis so they do have a little snap to them as they should but they have the dry rub on top and very moist and tender on the inside." 
But it's the brisket that's truly a labor of love, taking upwards of 16 hours before it's sliced to order and served on it's own or piled high and stuffed between Texas Toast for a super sized sandwich.  
"We slice our brisket to order.  We pull and cut everything to order.  So that's the best way to keep it the freshest, the most moist.  You should see the juices flow directly from the top to the bottom as soon as you slice into that brisket."  
That same brisket is also used as the base for the 2 Jerks chili topped with Fritos. 
"In Texas they have a dish called Frito pie so this is our play on a frito pie."
Other appetizers include the indulgent Tator Tots topped with pulled pork and smothered with a Country Gravy for a southern style spin on poutine and then there's the eye-popping, oink-a-licious plate of crispy housemade bacon.  
"Plate of bacon- table 15."
"The plate of bacon is phenomenal.   I can tell you that right now.  We cure and smoke our own pork bellies right here to create our own bacon. It's thick cut bacon that we glaze to order with maple syrup, brown sugar, cayenne pepper, salt and pepper, baked to order, put on a plate.  It's absolutely mouthwatering delicious."  
But no starter says southern hospitality quite like the complimentary cornbread served to every table. 
“People love the homemade corn bread brought to the table before they order. It's actually made pretty much to order. We are throwing a pan in pretty much every 15-20 minutes.  It has real chunks of real corn there, local honey that we harvest from a farm.  It's served with our homemade honey cinnamon butter. Everything here is made homemade, just like soul food should be.   So essentially I guess you could say it's made with love."  
A dish that is certainly made with lots of love is the Country Fried Chicken that's brined for 12 hours in a housemade sweet tea, breaded, fried and served with a luxurious black pepper gravy.  
"Absolutely melt in your mouth.  The chicken is as moist as can be.  The skin is a crunchy as possible and you have the black pepper gravy to balance it all out."
And while the que is what you come here for, the burger ain't so bad either.  It's stacked with two patties, seared on a flattop to lock all the juices in, and served on a sesame bun with sauce and housemade pickles.   
"People have been coming once a week for a burger even though we are a bbq restaurant. It is a homemade Big Mac.   It's 2, 4 ounce patties layered with American cheese on a sesame seed bun with our 2 jerks burger sauce and our house made pickles. It is melt in your mouth."  
Of course, no BBQ restaurant would be complete without dessert and at 2 Jerks, there are 2 sweets you have to try: The creamy dreamy banana pudding, and the crispy, puffy, deep fried oreos. 
"They're battered in our homemade pancake batter and slowly deep fried. And when you bite into one of our friend Oreos.  It just melts in your mouth exactly like it should and when you dip it in the caramel, it's a home run."
And once you've tried John's food and expereinced all the hospitality Chris brings to the table, you'll find these guys aren't jerks at all.  In fact, they're pretty nice guys.
"We have a relationship that not...many brothers can have. Opening a restaurant was always my goal, my dream along with my brother. This has always been our dream.  So knowing that we are on the path of accomplishing our dream,  it makes coming to work very easy."


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