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Surfside Smokehouse
14 Union Street
Plymouth, MA
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Surfside Smokehouse

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A menu item so grand, it takes up the entire table.  A triple decker burger topped with loads of fresh lobster.  And one of the most stunning views on the South Shore. Located on Plymouth Harbor, Surfside Smokehouse truly is where the surf meets the turf. 
"Surfside Smokehouse is a combination of authentic Southern barbecue and traditional New England seafood.  We are a two-story restaurant right on the historic Plymouth Harbor. We overlook the Plymouth Rock as well as the Mayflower.  We're a family environment but we also have a 60 seat bar, so there's definitely some revelry and there's also some great family dining inside too."
Owner Fred Bisaillon has created a space that makes you feel like you're on vacation.
"It's a very special thing for people to come down in the spring and summertime and enjoy the beautiful weather and sit outside and eat. There's nothing like al fresco dining."
And he's designed a menu that has a little something for everyone- whether you want fresh seafood plucked from the waters outside or some seriously authentic bbq cooked low and slow. 
"The menu is a combination of both seafood, traditional New England style and some of our smokehouse items for a nice little marriage." 
And no dish exhibits that wedded bliss quite like the Surf N Turf Burger- featuring a stack of juicy burger patties topped with fresh lobster meat. 
"That's pretty much the combination of the surf side and the smokehouse. It has a lime aioli. It has Swiss cheese. On a burger, you can choose a single, double or triple and they're all four ounce patties. We top it with buttered lobster meat and a little bit of fried onion straws. It's a monster. It is an absolute monster."
The New England Clam Chowder gets a bbq finish with the help of smoker jus. 
"We do add is a little bit of smoker jus, which is the juices that we catch as the brisket smokes overnight. We take a little bit of that and we put that into our chowder as well."
Of course if you are a seafood purist, they have all of your favorites- like addictive Peel n Eat Shrimp served with house made cocktail sauce, indulgent Lobster Mac and Cheese topped with cheddar crumbs and one of the largest lobster rolls you've ever laid your eyes on. 
"Our lobster roll is a very, very large lobster roll.  When people first see it, they think it's one of the biggest lobster rolls they've ever had. We use probably about six to seven ounces of meat on it. It's served on a brioche long bun...and then ours is simply dressed with a little bit of mayonnaise and a little bit of lemon juice. It's topped with fried onion strings and shaved celery."
The BBQ side of the menu is where the Surfside Smokehouse really shines, with starters like the flavorful Smokehouse Wings, Texas Style Brisket Chili topped with Fritos and the Kielbasa and Pineapple Spiced Candy- a Surfside Smokehouse signature item which takes house smoked kielbasa, chopped pineapple, sambal and brown sugar for some sweet and heat in your mouth. 
"It's a little bit of crunch from the casing of the kielbasa. It's a little bit of sweetness from the pineapple and also the candied jus and then a little bit of heat, so it hits most of your flavor profiles."
There are also plenty of sandwiches to sink your teeth into like The Border Wall- a BBQ meets Mexican creation stuffed with chopped brisket, guacamole, pickled jalapenos and carrots with melted cheddar cheese. And if you want to go hog wild, order The Big Pig. 
"The big pig is our pulled pork tossed with a little bit of our gold sauce, topped with bourbon glazed bacon and a little bit of coleslaw. Biting into it, you get the fat from the pork. You get the creamy cold coleslaw, as well as the crunch of the bacon with a little bit of a bourbon back."
You can also have all of that great cue family style when you order one of Surfside Smokehouse's BBQ Combos. 
"If you're by yourself you can get the selfie, which is two meats, two sides in a personal portion. The feedbag serves three meats and four sides. The trough serves four meats and six sides and the whole pit is five meats and seven sides. For the meats, you can choose our Kansas City-style burnt ends, the chopped brisket, the pork ribs, the pulled pork shoulder, the smoked kielbasa, or the half chicken. For the sides, you can choose any of our sides including beans, coleslaw, French fries, street corn, mac and cheese, grilled asparagus and pretty much make your combination however you like it. It's more for a barbecue experience."
And after all of that bbq, nothing is sweeter than some Southern style desserts like Griddled Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce or the creamy dreamy Banana Pudding.
"Our banana pudding is bananas and vanilla pudding base and then it's topped with toasted marshmallows and caramelized banana. That's all stacked and layered with Nilla wafers. It's a traditional way of doing a Georgia-style banana pudding, but we just do it in our little way and serve it in a big beer glass."
And while working in a restaurant is a grind, when you're this is your office, coming to work ain't bad. 
"We love the view. We love the location. We love it when we're busy. Everyday you come to work. If this is your view, it ain't half bad."


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