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Martino's Liquors & NY Deli (closed)
202 Newbury Street
Peabody, MA
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Martino's Liquors & NY Deli (closed)

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The best Thanksgiving sandwich you'll ever eat.  An oversized Italian overstuffed with the good stuff.  And New York Style Deli straight from Big Apple.  You might not be surprised that you can get sandwiches like these around here.  But you'll be shocked to find out that they're all made to order inside of a liquor store.  Brand new to Route One in Peabody, Martino's Liquors & NY Deli, is a mouthwatering mash up created by food lover Frank Martino.

Frank Martino - Martino's Liquors & NY Deli: "It's all about passion of food.  Food is what we're all about."

So when Frank decided to open his upscale liquor store, he also created an authentic New York Deli right in the middle of all the wine racks and six packs.  And his customers can't believe their eyes.

Frank Martino - Martino's Liquors & NY Deli: "Blown away.  They thought it was just going to be a regular liquor store, and they didn't think it was going to be a sandwich shop like this."

And they definitely didn't expect to find anything like this amazing Thanksgiving sandwich.  It's smothered in hot home-style gravy, mounds of stuffing, and cranberry sauce.  Best of all, it’s made with real deal turkey breast, carved right off the bone.

Frank Martino - Martino's Liquors & NY Deli: "They're not expecting real turkey, they're expecting turkey deli meat.  So when they're going and biting into real turkey, the first thing they say it 'wow, this is real turkey.'  Yes, it gobbles, you know."

The top selling sandwich at Martino's is a classic cold cut combo that's so big, and so good, Frank named it after himself.  The Frank's Jumbo Italian starts with a layer of fried peppers and two huge slices of aged provolone.  Then comes the meat: mortadella, pepperoni, sopressata, capicola, salami, and prosciutto.  Then it's finished with a little olive oil and some fresh oregano.  At $11.99 it ain't cheap, but it's worth every penny.

Frank Martino - Martino's Liquors & NY Deli: "The aroma of the extra virgin olive oil.  The aroma from the aged provolone.  The taste of the mortadella, mild.  The salamis it gives it the kick.  And then the fried peppers, the olive oil, the oregano, blows them away."

This place calls itself a New York Deli, and they really mean it.  Because every week Frank drives down to New York, to get his Pastrami and Corned Beef directly from the world famous Carnegie Deli.

Frank Martino - Martino's Liquors & NY Deli: "It's the best of the best.  I tried it all, I tried all the locals, here and Boston, Connecticut, but Carnegie had the very very best."

So when you order a Grilled Reuben with Corned Beef, Thousand Island, Sauerkraut and Swiss, or a classic Pastrami on Rye, piled high, you're getting the same exact meat they eat on the corner of 7th Ave and West 55th Street.

And after digging into a New York Style Sandwich, nothing beats some New York Style Cheesecake.  So Martino's brings that in from the Carnegie Deli too.

Frank Martino - Martino's Liquors & NY Deli: "The flavor of the cheesecake is intense.  Plus it's not this airy, fluffy, whip it up so it becomes high.  This is New York Cheesecake which is a dense cheesecake."

It's the best of New York, right here at home, at Martino's Liquors & NY Deli, a Phantom Gourmet... Hidden Jewel.

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