Saturday & Sunday 10:30am and 11am
Food and Fun. That's all we serve.
Windy City Dogs & More
43 Washington St.
Norwell, MA
(781) 421-3595

Windy City Dogs & More

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This is how you beat a snack attack in Chicago.  Italian beef sandwiches.  Overloaded cheese fries.  Big ol' burgers. And Vienna Beef hot dogs.  Brand new to Washington Street in Norwell, Windy City Dogs and More brings a taste of the Midwest to the Northeast, thanks to owner and hot dog fanatic Grady Carlson.
Grady Carlson - Windy City Dogs & More: "I'm a Chicago kid, I grew up that way. And I came out here to the Northeast and didn't see any hot dog stands and just decided, well, why not open one?"
So, the stand he opened up is a bright, clean, and fun frankfurter factory, where the dogs range from traditional and tasty, to over-the-top outrageous.  There are dogs topped with pastrami, bacon, and fried eggs.  The death-defying 159 Dog is coated in Panko bread crumbs, deep fried, dipped in Buffalo sauce, and slathered in blue cheese. And the classic Chicago Dog is layered with what looks like an entire salad bar.
Grady Carlson - Windy City Dogs & More: "We import our dogs, our relish, and our sport peppers all directly from Chicago... Vienna Beef is the only manufacturer of this dog, they only manufacture it in Chicago, so we bring it in by the truckload. So we can serve it here in New England.... When you're doing something you want to do it authentic, you want to get the real product..... Unfortunately, most of the times you can only find that stuff in Chicago. So it's like importing them from Chicago to here. 
Grady serves hundreds of dogs a day, including a few for himself along the way.
Grady Carlson - Windy City Dogs & More: "Never gets old!"

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