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Fish Restaurant & Wine Bar
29 South Bolton Street
Marlborough, MA
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Fish Restaurant & Wine Bar

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Dan Andelman: "Every few weeks, my wife will ask me, 'What do you want for dinner?' And I say, 'Fish'. And she'll say, 'You want me to make salmon, or haddock?' And I say. 'No. I want to go to Fish restaurant and wine bar in Marlborough.'

This is without a doubt the premiere seafood restaurant in all of metro west. You take a look around, and it absolutely looks like a restaurant that you would find in downtown Boston, very sleek, cool lighting, nice bar. You got the big, white booths. Beautiful place, open kitchen, and the seafood is absolutely pristine."

Steven Moretti: "What we want to offer is the utmost quality, first and foremost. Going to the docks every day and personally hand-selecting our seafood. It really lets our product shine. Now, to back that up with a little bit of style, a little bit of classic French and Asian and Italian influence."

Dan Andelman: "They're constantly updating and evolving the menu here at Fish and these are some of the most interesting and exciting new dishes. Coriander crusted tuna. First of all, look at these pristine cubes, this is sushi-grade yellowfin tuna, nice and rare in the middle seared on the outside with that Coriander crust."

Steven Moretti: "We love our Coriander Crusted Tuna here. Of course we only serve sushi-grade, we always recommend it to a maximum temperature of medium-rare. Over that is blasphemy, frankly."

Dan Andelman: "On top you've got a little pepper conserva, brighten up that flavor a little bit.  Look at this over here, this is a lemon chip. Like a potato chip, but just made with a thin sliced lemon. Underneath you got this grain salad, some farro, some quinoa, hearty, healthy, some vegetables around the side. You got your carrots, you got your turnips, little balsamic, little green goddess dressing.  Perfect piece of tuna, flavor is spot-on. 

The Cioppino. Now, Cioppino historically is kind of a humble dish, you know, the fisherman's stew. But, here at fish they have taken it to a whole new level. Half a lobster in here with plenty of meat. Also, you have the diver's scallops, mussels, shrimp."

Steven Moretti: "It's nice, it's full flavored, it's red, it's bright, it's vibrant.  It's backed by a nice sofrito sauce. It's not a marinara, it's not just a broth, it has some texture to it, and a lot of flavor."

Dan Andelman: "The tomato broth itself, very hearty, AND yet still kinda light so you're not overpowered, you got all the seafood flavor, but you got that brightness, the acidity, sweetness from the tomato broth itself, and just to round it out, make it a little more hearty, how about a nice round of garlic mashed potatoes, soak up all those juices. Cioppino, you are my Italian friend.

The Filet Mignon. Now, at most seafood restaurants, I would never even consider getting a steak, but now that I've seen the Filet here at Fish, I might reconsider. This is the way Filet Mignon is supposed to be cooked. They actually give it to you in two separate filets, a total of about eight ounces here, nice and seared on the side. One of my favorite things about this dish, shishito peppers. They say one out of every twelve or thirteen shishito peppers is a spicy one, the rest are just kinda smoky. Let's play roulette. No spice. Pepper two, delightful. Pepper three, I want the spice, I can't get it! Oh well, I'll have to keep playing. 

The Swordfish Chop. Swordfish Chop is something very special, you don't see this at a lot of restaurants, and I'll explain why. It's a special cut of fish."

Steven Moretti: "This is so buttery and juicy, when you put it next to your average grilled swordfish, you probably won't even recognize what it is."

Dan Andelman: "Now a Swordfish is a huge fish, gigantic, and out of every giant swordfish you can only get two of these. It's taken right from the collar of the swordfish itself. And it's cut just like a veal chop, so you have the bone sticking out. So the taste sensation you get is very meaty. Even if you're a steak lover, this is a piece of fish that you will absolutely love.

This is, and always has been, the star attraction here at Fish, the Raw Bar. As soon as you walk in the restaurant, this is the first thing that greets you."

Steven Moretti: "Most restaurants carry a variety of about four, five, maybe six varieties of oysters, we usually carry around twelve to fourteen."

Dan Andelman: "East coast, West coast, Cape Cod, Canada, Maine, all on display, all here for you. And how's this for a deal: This is Fish's version of happy hour. Every weekday from four to six you can come in and get shucked. That means you get these pristine, delicious oysters, fresh shucked for you, for a dollar apiece. Dollar oysters, get shucked."

Steven Moretti:"Before you leave Fish Restaurant and Wine Bar, you have to try our take on the New Orleans Style French Beignet. It's essentially flash-fried dough, we're putting a bit of a New England flare on it though, taking some fresh Vermont Maple Syrup, combining that with in-house made caramel, some in-house applewood smoked bacon, dust on the outside of the donut with it and give you a nice hearty dipping sauce on the side."

Dan Andelman: "Money. That is just money. Oh yeah."


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