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April's Restaurant
41 Buffum Street
Lynn, MA
(781) 780-9986

April's Restaurant

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There's nobody closer than brothers Julio and Roger Garcia.....
The live next door to each other.....
They cook side by side...
And together, they own April's Pub and Grill.
Located in Lynn, April's is a come-as-you-are kind of place the locals love for good down home cooking at low prices.  Owners Roger and Julio Garcia wanted to create an atmosphere great for families- since back in the kitchen, that's what it's all about.
"We're like twins.  We get along very well.  We hardly ever ever fight so usually that happens in family but him and I for some reason, we bond very well and you know I look forward everyday just coming to work."
"I can't see my life without him so living next to him, working with him  It's the best."
And that closeness is essential when working in their tight kitchen. 
"We have this connection and we don't even have to communicate to do something.  So he don't have to tell me I need this when he's making a dish becauseI already know what he needs and vis versa"
"When we see a ticket come up our brains go ok- you do your thing and I do my thing.  So it's like a chain reaction."
And while the kitchen may be small, it puts out big plates of breakfast lunch and dinner all day long.
"That's what we do here.  We serve anything at anytime. We do breakfast lunch and dinner at any time, any moment."
If you're looking to start your day on the sweet side, get yourself an order of April's Stuffed French Toast.  Overloaded with cream cheese and strawberry jam and topped with whipped cream, this dessert-like breakfast is sure to get you going in the morning.
"This is our stuffed french toast."
If a savory breakfast is more your speed, April's offers house made hash served with eggs anyway you want them.  Traditional Eggs Benedict and this not so traditional version called The April’s Benedict.
"The April's Benedict is like the house benedict.  It has about 3 pieces of steak.  We put some roasted red peppers and spinach, and then we throw a couple of eggs on top and the hollandaise sauce.  It's a great great mix.  People love it.  If you eat that, you'll be set for the rest of the day".
The Monte Christo is mouthwatering, with ham, turkey, swiss and Russian dressing stuffed inside two pieces of French Toast and served with syrup.
"It's like a mix of breakfast and lunch all at once put together. "
If you ARE looking for lunch, April's has a little bit of everything, whether you go for steak tips stuffed into a sub roll and smothered with onions, peppers and cheese or the Roast Beef 3 Way slathered with bbq sauce and mayo.
And it's a good thing the April's Burger is jawdropping, because you're going to need all the help you can get wrapping your lips around this.
"The April burger is this big. Most of the time, people have to smush it down  because it's really big."
"It goes on our brioche roll. We throw some mushrooms, bacon, swiss and then on top of the burger, we top it off with some onions rings.  It's an unbelievable burger and I think for the price and the quality of it, it's amazing."
And if you thought the burger was big, check out April's oversized overstuffed Chicken Quesadilla.
"What makes the quesadilla here is we do it to order.  We throw a tortilla..on the grill.  We throw some cheese on it.  We get some grilled chicken, peppers, and onions."
"We throw it on the quesadilla and we fold it.   And then we cut it into four pieces and it comes out this thick.  There's a lot of cheese and a lot of chicken.  A lot of everything."
All the usual standards line the entree menu- from big plates of Fish and Chips with some bonus onion rings thrown over the top to steak tips with a marinade so flavorful, no sauce is required. And, if you ARE looking for something original, look no further than the Chicken Caprese featuring two chicken breasts topped with a caprese salad and served alongside mashed potatoes and vegetables.
But it's the April’s Salad that's a true standout at supper.   This chopped salad has a little bit of everything tossed in olive oil and vinegar.
"It has red onions.  It has cucumbers and then it has tomatoes, olives and of course the feta cheese.  To me it's the best salad...and it's made with a lot of love, caring and I think it's very unique."
And with sandwiches all under 10 bucks and entrees averaging in the mid-teens  you’ll find April’s prices uniquely low when you EAT HERE.


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