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Cruisers Malt Shoppe
280 Central Street
Gardner, MA
(978) 632-4040

Cruisers Malt Shoppe

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Deep Fried Dogs stuffed in a sub roll.

Candy for breakfast.

A burger challenge that could put you in an ambulance.

Cruiser's in Gardner, Mass is a quirky malt shoppe straight out of the 1950s serving up big burgers, banana splits and breakfast all day long.

Marc LeBlanc- Owner, Cruisers Malt Shoppe:  "Breakfast ain't just for breakfast anymore.  We do breakfast all day. So it doesn't matter if it is 8-8:30 at night if you want pancakes, eggs, an omelette.  We're serving it."

Stuffed French Toast is flipped on its head when it's filled with savory meats rather than sweets. 

Marc LeBlanc- Owner, Cruisers Malt Shoppe: "French toast is really good in and of why not stuff it with your favorite things." 

But if you ARE craving some sugar, the Candy Waffles are topped with M&Ms, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and plenty of whipped cream.   And for a breakfast fit for a king, the Elvis Pancakes are sure to have you all shook up.

Marc LeBlanc- Owner, Cruisers Malt Shoppe: "We have bananas cooked in them and then on top of them.  With a peanut butter sauce drizzled over the top.   And if anyone knows anything about Elvis, its that he loved anything to do with bananas and peanut butter."

For lunch, Cruisers challenges its customers with a burger so big, it would be a feat to eat.   It's called the Cadillac burger...but with 3 pounds of beef topped with 8 slices of cheese and a side of fries that weighs in at a pound, it should be called the heart attack burger. 

Martina LeBlanc- Owner, Cruisers Malt Shoppe: "When they get here and it is put in front of them they are like oh my god what am I thinking?"

Martina LeBlanc- Owner, Cruisers Malt Shoppe:  "If you can finish it in an hour you get it free and you get your name on our wall.  If you cannot finish it you owe us 19.99."

This truly is a coronary clogger on a plate, so medical assistance is a must.

"My name's Matt.  I'm a paramedic,"

Matt and his team are always ready for those who dare to take the challenge. 

"We usually cruise these streets quite often so we're close by.   So we're always ready in case." 

If you're looking to stay out of Matt's ambulance, a more reasonable option is the Kahuna burger.   And while it isn't three pounds, it is definitely big.

Marc LeBlanc- Owner, Cruisers Malt Shoppe: "It is the big kahuna.  Its a big burger."

"It's kind of the king of the burgers.  I could never finish it not in a million years."

Marc LeBlanc- Owner, Cruisers Malt Shoppe: "It's somebody that wants to eat a meal.  It's not a snack."

Cruiser's fisherman's platter is a fried feast- Titanic in size and an ocean full of flavor.

"The seafood is fried to perfection.  It's not too heavy with the batter. They give you a heaping pile of seafood.  Delicious."

The meatloaf is mammouth and topped with gravy.  Chicken is fried up crispy.   And Thanksgiving is served year round in the form of the Turkey Day Dinner.

Martina LeBlanc- Owner, Cruisers Malt Shoppe: "You don't have to wait til November for it."

And with the 50's decor matching prices that seem straight out of yesteryear, you'll want to cruise on in... to Eat Here.


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