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Saturday & Sunday 10:30am and 11am
Food and Fun. That's all we serve.
Angela's Cafe
131 Lexington St.
East Boston, MA
(617) 567-4972

Angela's Cafe

Eastie hole-in-the-wall serving up the most authentic Mexican fare around.


Angela’s Cafe in Eastie is a tiny corner Mexican eatery in a mostly residential neighborhood. A nondescript hole-in-the-wall from the outside, the cheery interior is decked out with colorful paper cutouts, hot pink curtains, and festive decorations dangling from the ceiling.


The appealing menu forgoes the usual Americanized Tex-Mex in favor of authentic south-of-the-border cuisine.


Portions are generous, and hardcore fans start every meal with made-to-order guacamole and a pitcher of the excellent sangria.


First, Phantom surveyed the grubscape with Favoritos de Angela, a medley of tacos, tostadas, and gorditas—the scrumptious tacos al pastor winning top prize. Queso fundido was a cheese lover’s dream, a piping-hot dish of melted mozzarella studded with jalapenos and smoky chorizo.

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Next, the signature mole poblano boasted a gloriously complex sauce of savory chocolate, dried chilies, and fragrant spices, but the chicken underneath was a little dried out. Shrimp with tomatillo sauce was the sleeper hit, perfectly cooked shellfish served atop cilantro-spiked salsa verde.


Dulce de leche crepes were filled with a yummy, buttery caramel sauce, doused with mango sauce and chocolate syrup. Chocolate bread pudding was a luscious take on the classic, topped with pineapple ice cream and fresh berries.


Service was home-spun and friendly, if occasionally slow.


Though a little rundown, the dining room was well-scrubbed and tidy.


Angela’s is on Lexington Street in East Boston, with street parking.


Single-digit starters and entrees in the teens make for a truly frugal-minded fiesta.

Total Score: 85

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