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Zoup! (closed)
3 Center Plaza
Boston, MA

Zoup! (closed)

It's a busy lunch rush in Downtown Boston. And all of these people sitting at tables and waiting in line, sipping, and sampling have come here for the same thing. Zoup! in Government Center ladels out an never-ending array of piping-hot, hand-crafted soups every day. Owner George Keefe says it's all designed to warm the hearts and stomachs of customers forced to brave the elements.

George Keefe - Zoup: "Zoup is comfort food, Zoup is comfort food. We sell 12 different soups a day. 10 of them we rotate. We always keep chicken pot pie and we always keep lobster bisque... We encourage people to try as many as they want."

Some of the soups are traditional and others are absolutely over the top. The Old Fashioned Chicken Noodle overflows with extra-wide egg noodles. The lobster bisque is a creamy blend of butter, sherry and lots of lobster meat. The Roadhouse Sirloin Chili features real Angus beef. The Italian Wedding soup is loaded with turkey meatballs. And the signature Chicken Pot Pie soup is loaded with vegetables and garnished with a homemade pie crust crumble.

George Keefe - Zoup:
"It's just like a chicken pot pie as if you were to pull it out of the oven. That is one of our best sellers."

Soups can be served either in a bread bowl or by the crock...
from the silky smooth macaroni and cheese soup with oversized elbows, to the sweet and velvety Pumpkin Pie Bisque.

George Keefe - Zoup: "And it tastes just like pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. We've even had people ask for a dollop of Cool Whip or Ready Whip... in the wintertime, that's probably one of the best soups that we have. And people just love it."

There's even a Sicilian Pizza soup, which tends to make customers quite curious.

George Keefe - Zoup: "It's just like eating a pizza in a bowl. You know they'll ask me about Sicilian Pizza and I'll say 'It's everthing but the crust... you have actual slices of pepperoni, chunks of tomato, chunks of peppers, onions, sausage, everthing is in there. Then what we do is we put a mozzarella cheese on the top of it for you. I said 'It's to die'".

Soup is the main attraction at Zoup, but they also serve oven-toasted sandwiches like the turkey club and the ham and Swiss with bacon. But the best might be the MTB, that's Mozzarella, Tomato, and Basil stacked with fresh pesto and balsamic vinaigrette on crusty, crunchy ciabatta bread.

Just take a bite, and get a bowl of hot soup, and suddently the weather won't seem so bad.

George Keefe - Zoup: "They're away from home, they're working... and they have a nice cup of soup and maybe they're thinking about they're sitting at the kitchen table."

There's nothing more zatisfying than Zoup!

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