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Saltie Girl
281 Dartmouth Street
Boston, MA
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Saltie Girl

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If you're longing for lobster and craving fried clams. 

Searching for a tower of fresh oysters and shrimp. 

Or hankering a hot bowl of creamy chowder. 

There's someone who has it all.  And she just happens to be one Saltie Girl.  


Located just off Newbury Street, Saltie Girl is a brand new eatery from trend-setting restaurateur Kathy Sidell.  In her latest installment, Kathy has taken everything she enjoys about the restaurant business and her love of coastal living, to create a casually posh place where customers come to escape busy Back Bay. 


"This place was inspired by a life in a seashore I would say. Has a little bit of an international feeling. I'd like to think that you can jump into some of the pictures that we have on the wall.  It takes you to a different place I think when you walk through the door.  You leave Newbury Street behind and you come into this beautiful little oasis."


So she's decorated the small yet sophisticated space with cool blue tiles and dim lighting, and created an open kitchen right behind the bar where you'll always find Executive Chef Kyle McClelland working his magic. 


"I love to cook. It's my passion.  I like being there with the guests, answer their questions. I think it's good to be on show for everyone and have an open kitchen.  I think when they see stuff being cooked, I think it makes them want it more."


And whether you see it being prepared or not, you're most definitely going to want to try some of Saltie Girls' Fried Lobster and Waffles.


"The fried lobster and waffles have been this crazy anomaly. People I think never thought about that combination. We do buttermilk Belgian waffle.  We fry about 5 ounces of lobster...and present it's on top...and then we actually we make a house spiced maple syrup.  I think when you think about it you're like, "Lobster and maple syrup? That sounds weird." Taste really good.  I think because it's spicy syrup it cuts the sweetness. I think it takes it some place else.  You can't come here and not try the fried lobster and waffle." 


That same fried lobster can also be found on top of a burger.


"We put it on a burger. Yes, we do." 


"It's pretty big. It's about 8 ounces of the burger meat. We do avocado,  LTO, and then we do the fried lobster tails on top and yeah. We stack it high ya know."


But if you just want your lobster done more traditionally, order one of Saltie Girl's lobster rolls.   


"Ours is very generous and we do it hot and cold. The hot one is particularly popular. We do it with a beurre blanc sauce. The roll is toasted perfectly but we have big, big, big chunks of lobster in the lobster roll. I think it's an upgrade to most lobster rolls."


And the New England classics continue right through the menu, with Ipswich Clams fried until golden and served with house tartar sauce and a Clam Chowder made just the way Kathy likes it.  


"The clam chowder is really pretty traditional.  I personally like mine thick.  I really like a hearty bowl of clam chowder shucked full of clams, chock full of potatoes. I.  It's a really awesome bowl of clam chowder. I think it's just what you would imagine it to be but better."  


Since Saltie Girl is located just off Newbury Street,  you can be sure that they're current in all of the trends- including the food world's current obsession: toasts.  


"Toast are awesome.  They're hugely popular. The crab toast has been a ridiculous seller.  That one is a beautiful whole wheat loaf that we put half of avocado on and then we use the inside of burrata that we put on top. Pistachio nuts and then a gorgeous crab mix. The garlic clam toast reminds me a little bit of that clam pizza that you get at Pepe's. It's got that briny, seafood spicy everything that Saltie Girl is in a bite. I love that dish."


And then there are the increasingly trendy "tins" which are far from the canned tuna you grew up on.  


"You can never experience fish in this way because the tinning process allows you, kind of like wine, to capture this moment in time."


All of it's served with fresh bread, house made butter,  piquillo pepper sauce, and a variety of salts so you can customize each beautiful bite. 


"For us, it's a really fun thing.  The guest can play with their food. Make their own toast in a way.  Really there's not much better. It's so simple and so beautiful and delicious."


If you prefer your fish raw, Saltie Girl has several ways to go, from the fresh Tuna Poke sprinkled with sesame seeds, to one of their towers loaded up with all of your favorite seafood standards.  


"Oysters. Clams. Lobster cocktails. King crab legs.  We're doing different types of crudos. We're doing special ceviches. The Tower consists of a lot of our raw products that we do." 


And while this rather intimate space may not be the kind of big bold place Kathy's used to running, it's all good because to this "saltie girl", good things really do come in small packages.  


"To be able to focus on every single facet of the experience and to be intimate with the guest has been an extraordinary experience to be honest.  Really to see the smiles on guest's faces and to see the joy in eating and to see people having an extraordinary time together.  It's pretty magical."


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