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Chef Jay Murray's Meat-Grilling Tips
Written By: Chef Jay Murray

Chef Jay Murray's Meat-Grilling Tips

Executive Chef Jay Murray is lauded for his way with wood fire; his finesse with filets; his chops with chops (and, surprisingly, his savvy with seafood). Here, he reveals what meat needs to stay juicy and flavorful on the grill.

1) Dry-aged prime grade sirloin is almost impossible to find; and impossibly expensive. Instead, seek out premium choice grade steaks. At the supermarket, look for "sterling silver" or "certified angus beef" labels. Never settle for "house brand" beef. For a change of pace from sirloin, try rib eye or tenderloin.

2) Season meat with kosher salt and freshly grated black pepper before and after cooking.

3) For best results, use a (very clean) kettle grill with natural wood charcoal covered by wood-smoking chips. Heat should be medium to very hot, without visible flames. Common kitchen tongs are sturdy and reliable for flipping.

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