Milano’s Deli

“Milanos is just like coming home.”

“Very family oriented.”

“Everybody is always so friendly.”

“The food is always amazing no matter what you get.”

“It’s like eating in your grandmother’s kitchen. I love it.”

“This is not just another sub shop.”

“The quality of the food is top shelf.”

“It’s not just the ingredients. It’s how it’s prepared on top of it all.”

“This is very much a one of a kind place.”

When it comes to Italian eats, nobody does it like East Boston. And at Milano’s Delicatessen, they’ve been doing it the same way for decades according to owner, Vincenzo Caraglia.

“Milanos is a neighborhood staple that has been here for over 30 years now, that has serviced this area with great Italian traditional food.”

“A lot of people have said the dining area, looks like my grandmothers kitchen. The pictures all over the wall, it just makes people feel at home. They break down. Get something great to eat. Enjoy themselves and then go back to their daily routine.”

You’ll always find Vincenzo’s mother Maria working the dining room while his father, Giuseppe works his magic in the kitchen.

“These are all his recipe’s.”

“Everything that I make is with my heart. I try to make my customer happy.”

“This is something that he’s always wanted to do and it’s something he’s always been passionate about.”

“My mom’s role is actually just keeping front of house. She is your “waitress” that just you know will come and bring you food from the take out window, make sure that you are comfortable, you have everything that you need.”

And there’s no table that will make you feel more at home than nonni’s table.

“Our table in the middle we actually nicknamed ‘Nonie’s table’. It was given to us from a local neighborhood person that had it in their grandmother’s kitchen.”

“Everyone says they love it. Only because it really does remind them of their grandmother’s kitchen.”

And nothing will make you more nostalgic than having some of Milano’s meatballs, according to local politician and proud East Bostonian, Sal Lamattina.

“Growin’ up in East Boston we were told, in our Italian household, to never eat meatballs outside the house. So the only place where I would eat meatballs outside the house is right here at Milanos. They remind me of my grandmothers meatballs. Not a lot of garlic, not a lot of breadcrumbs. I love ’em. They have the best meatballs in this city.”

Since Milano’s likes to keep things traditional, you’ll find all of your old school Italian favorites here. There’s everything from calzones available in two different sizes and packed with just about anything to housemade panzarotti served piping hot and oozing with cheese to softball size arrancini made every morning.

“The outside deep fried part with the breadcrumbs is awesome because you get a beautiful crunch and then a nice soft flavor of the seasoned rice along with the mixture of the inside is just perfect. They’re awesome.”

And if you really want to go old school, get a slice of Milano’s Bakery Pizza.

“Bakery Pizza was a pan style pizza that they did a lot in the 1940’s. It was very simple. It was just dough with marinara sauce, little bit of grated cheese, cause normally bakeries don’t carry shredded mozzarella or provolone and it’s actually a very plain, simple recipe but it hits home. It’s the best that you will ever have. The perfect crunch to the perfect ratio of gravy. It’s perfect.”

Of course Milano’s offers all of your classic entrees- like the Chicken Caccitore Guiseppe sautees to order.vvBut they’re best known for their subs. There’s the Italian- stuffed with authentic imported cold cuts or the Veal Romano- a sub reminiscent of that classic Italian dish- pork chops with vinegar peppers.

“It reminds people of the pork, vinegar, pepper, potato dish that your grandmother, or your mom, still probably still makes. You get a really really nice blend of perfectly cooked veal with a nice crunchy, vinegary taste from the vinegar peppers along with a slice of provolone cheese.”

Chicken cutlets subs are a must try here- because at Milano’s they’re pan-fried in a steady stream.

“We’re basically frying cutlets all day long. We go through at least a hundred chicken cutlets a day. Constant cutlets. Just constantly making cutlets. We can’t stop making cutlets.”

You can find these beauties alongside prosciutto, peppers and mozzarella on the Chicken Milano Sub or smothered in sauce with and cheese.

But no matter what you order, you should tack on one of Milano’s signature stuffed cherry peppers – or shooters as they’re known here – to enjoy while you wait.

“It’s a hot stuffed cherry pepper with fresh prosciutto, auricchio cheese, oil and seasoning. We call them shooters because we have customers that actually just want one of two at a time and as they’re waiting for their food they literally just ‘pop’, shoot right in their mouth. Get’s ’em kind of held over right before they get their favorite favorite meal.”

And at Milano’s, you’re not just getting your favorite meal, you’re getting local flavor and a little bit a family served with it.

“I think a lot of people love to go to more family run businesses. We are probably one of the few, last standing actual family restaurants left in the area. And I think people have started to notice it. We’ve survived through the years and we’ve done a pretty good job at it. We’ve made them happy and they’ve made us happy.”

Milano’s Deli
978 Saratoga Street
East Boston, MA 02128
(617) 567-6718