Jim’s Deli
371 Washington St. Brighton, MA (617) 787-2626 www.jimsdelibrighton.com

Jim’s Deli is the best restaurant this side of the Mississippi.

Hello, there Turkey Melt on Rye, lettuce and tomato.

Bacon Cheeseburger!

It’ll make you feel like you’re at home.

This is like being part of a family.

The only thing you have to worry about is them giving you too much food.

This is nuts!

I love the food.

It’s like your grandma is making it.

The people are better.

Hi, how are you?

Young lady, whenever you’re ready.

You’re greeted by Jim right away, he is the most engaging, friendly person you’d ever want to meet.

Can’t beat Jim’s Deli. We do it all, this is one deli that will not fall. Breakfast, lunch, dinner!

This is Washington Street in Brighton Center, a neighborhood that’s a mix of lifelong residents and college kids, but the one thing they can all agree on is that you can get huge portions of real home cooking at a place called Jim’s Deli.

It’s a family operation. We opened our doors in 1990. Me, my brother, my mom, my dad, and it’s taken off. It’s like the best thing ever, I think that ever happened to all of us in Brighton.

This is cafeteria-style. You grab a tray and silverware, and get onboard, and then we’ll take care of you.

When I tell people I’m hitting the gym, I literally mean I’m hitting the “Jim”.

Oh yeah. Oh yeah!

First, a warning. The menu is absolutely massive. You can come in for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner; get some pancakes, get a burger, sandwich. It’s never-ending!

For me, what I think makes this place so special are the home cooked daily specials. I just slide my tray straight down, and right here, you have a smorgasbord of all the world’s greatest comfort foods.

Today on our special board, we have the Barbecue Beef Brisket. We have the mac and cheese, the meatloaf. We have the delicious Chicken Pot Pie.

You’ve got your sausage and peppers, your American chop suey, baked beans, all the fresh side items. I mean, you can’t stop, and I can’t resist!

Can I do like an Pu pu platter here?

Of course!

I’d like some brisket, definitely some meatloaf, and I’ve got to get that mac and cheese.

You’ve got it.

My eyes have never seen anything so gloriously beautiful.

You think it looks good? You should smell it.

When you first walk in, you see Jim. More importantly, when you’re paying, you see Mama.


How are you doing, Mama?

Very good, honey.

I ordered what I call the Pu pu platter. Basically, a sampler of some of my all-time favorite comfort foods. Number one: The brisket. Jim is from Texas, and this is a classic Lone Star state recipe, very juicy, very delicious.

When you come and get that brisket, all you need is a fork to go right through that meat.

Brisket can be a tough cut of meat, but here? It’s as tender as a mother’s love.

Also, a couple big slabs of meatloaf. You’ve got to love this stuff, it’s great with gravy and and it has that beautiful ketchup crust on the outside. This meatloaf is insane! More flavor packed into one cubic inch than any other food I’ve ever tasted.

It’s so tender, it’ll knock the horns off a brass billy goat.

And of course, the mac and cheese.

This might be the creamiest mac and cheese in world history. It’s got that baked crusty top as well. I mean, look at this stuff, talk about gooey, crusty on top, goo, goo, gooey in the middle.

Rotini pasta, tons of butter, tons of cream, tons of cheese. Tons of calories, and I love it.

Now, if you don’t want to order from the specials menu, there is an entire gigantic menu board full of options. Two of the biggest, best, and craziest ones are the Chicken Deluxe sandwich, and the Animal Burger.

Feast your eyes on this baby, the Chicken Deluxe sandwich. Basically three full chicken cutlets, tons of bacon, tons of melted cheese, nice smear of mayo on a butter-toasted bun. Unclucking-believable.

The Colonel wishes he could make anything this good.

If you want something really big, we have the Animal Burger. It’s ginormous.

Burger, bacon, cheese. Burger, bacon, cheese. Burger, bacon, cheese, bun! Steak knife to hold it all together.

Tastes like you’re back home in Texas.

Triple meat, triple bacon, triple cheese. Probably triple bypass. What’d you have for lunch today?

We want our customers to come, enjoy, taste every bite, and when they leave; hopefully they’re like, “We’ll be back. That place is incredible.”

To come to Jim’s, you get a huge plate of food, you have a good time, and if you’re lucky, you might get a hug from Mama.

There you are! We love you.

Thank you, honey!

Thank you, honey! Very much!