Hop + Grind

When is a burger more than just a burger?

When it’s a Steak Bomb Burger. Or a Chicken Parm Burger. Or a double stacked Beast Mode Burger. And, when it’s made at Hop + Grind.

Brand new to Durham New Hampshire, Hop + Grind is a fun and funky eighty seat spot that’s all about craft burgers, craft beer, and crafting a deliciously memorable dining experience.

Bobby Buivid – Co-Owner, Hop + Grind: “We create food experiences, and we want you to have a really genuine experience when you’re here.”

The retro atmosphere is bursting with nostalgia. There are classic eighties lunchboxes on the walls, a vintage Burger-time arcade game, table numbers made from Nintendo cartridges, high school lockers, cool graffiti, and beer taps built into old school coolers behind the bar, making a meal here like a trip down memory lane.

Bobby Buivid – Co-Owner, Hop + Grind: “Everything from the 50s, 60s, 70s, all the way up until the 90s, so really kind of this immersive experience from all those different decades.”

Bobby Buivid is one of the owners of Hop + Grind, and while the atmosphere he’s created here honors the past, the new style of burgers he’s serving is something you’ve never seen, or tasted, before.

Bobby Buivid – Co-Owner, Hop + Grind: “Burgers have been unchanged since the 1900’s, right. So we’ve had over a hundred years of kinda the same burger, beef patty, put some stuff over the top of it, call it a burger. What we did is try to reinvent the process from A to Z.”

So how do you reinvent a burger? Well to start, Bobby called in a second Bobby, Chef Bobby Marcotte, who reinvented what a butcher shop could be down the road at the Tuckaway Tavern, and now he has turned his attention to burgers.

Bobby Marcotte – Chef/Owner, Hop + Grind: “There’s no doubt burgers are good on their own, however, that doesn’t mean we can’t make them better, right?”

So simply stacking, stuffing, and slathering their burgers with great ingredients is just the beginning. At Hop + Grind, they’re actually infusing the burger patties with all kinds of flavors.

Bobby Buivid – Co-Owner, Hop + Grind: “The inspiration behind this whole concept is the idea of infusing patties and conceptualizing burgers around that. So we not only take all of the ingredients that we use in that burger, but we infuse those ingredients in the patty, and then we use them in creative ways over the top of the patty. So we take all of the hallmarks of cuisine that we all have affinities for, that we all love, Buffalo Chicken Wings, Chicken Parm, Steak Bomb Subs, Pork Chops and Apple Sauce, and we take those dishes and we reimagine them into a burger.”

Take for example, the Parma Sutra, a burger-fied version of the Italian comfort food classic, Chicken Parmesan.

Bobby Marcotte – Chef/Owner, Hop + Grind: “Think about the flavors that go in a Chicken Parm, tomatoes, fresh basil, cheese, sauce, all those things. So we take those ingredients, we find a good ratio with the ground chicken, and form that into a burger patty. But we don’t stop there. We then scratch make a tomato sauce, grill the burger and top it with the tomato sauce, fry a nice chunk of mozzarella, throw that on top of the patty, and now you’ve got all those flavors if that chicken parmesan infused into a burger.”

If a Steak Bomb is more your style, check out the Bomb Diggity burger.

Bobby Marcotte – Chef/Owner, Hop + Grind: “We took all those flavors of your New England Steak Bomb, your peppers, your onions, your salami, cheese, grind that fresh in with the beef, so that’s just your patty. Now we take that patty, sear it on the flattop, finish it with our homemade mac and cheese sauce, some peppers onions mushrooms that we grill on the flat top, some more melted cheese, and then we grill that salami just to give it a little bit of that nice briny salami flavor. Imagine biting into the best Steak Bomb you’ve ever had. That’s what that burger is.”

Pretty much every burger at Hop + Grind is like something you’ve never seen before. There’s a spin on Buffalo wings featuring a ground chicken patty with hot sauce, blue cheese, cilantro, carrot and celery slaw, and cool ranch sauce. A Breakfast burger made with a ground pork and breakfast sausage patty, truffled hash browns, bacon, a fried egg, and gooey cheese. Even a burger named the Uncle Ham, inspired by a true comfort food favorite.

Bobby Buivid – Co-Owner, Hop + Grind: “So this is a spinoff of pork chops and apple sauce. So we take the apples, we take the honey, we take the brown sugar, the bacon, we infuse that right into the ground pork patty, and they top it with an apple chutney, smoked gouda, bacon, fried sage, and then a honey butter that just waterfalls all over the top of everything. It’s messy, it’s colossal, it’s a great experience, and it’s a wonderful burger.”

If you’re looking for a more traditional take on a burger, they do that too, topped with sweet pickles, crispy onions, cheddar and American. If you’re really hungry, you can ask for it Beast Mode, which adds an extra patty, plus thick cut dry aged bacon. And if you’re down right ravenous, order the Piggy Back, which tops the burger with a big piece of crispy fried chicken.

Bobby Buivid – Co-Owner, Hop + Grind: “It looks monstrous. It looks epic.”

To round out your meal at Hop + Grind, there are uniquely flavored sodas made from scratch, thick and creamy malted milkshakes, and all kinds of fries.

Bobby Buivid – Co-Owner, Hop + Grind: “We do our Pig Pile fry which is our loaded fry, mac sauce, dry aged bacon, green onion over the top of that. We do our spicy fries which we call our Cherry Bomb which is our house made queso, the mac sauce, the hot sauce, and the herbs over the top of that. And then we do our Truffle Shuffle fries, we affectionately call them, which is our black garlic truffle aioli, smoked tomato aioli, and a little bit of herb over the top of that.”

So the next time you get a craving for chicken parm, or Buffalo wings, or pork chops and apple sauce, just come get a burger you’ll never forget, at Hop + Grind.

Hop + Grind
17 Madbury Road (Madbury Commons)
Durham, NH 03824
(603) 397-5564