Golden Temple

“I am standing on sacred ground for the Chinese food lovers of the Brookline, Massachusetts area, a place called, Golden Temple.”


“Hi my name is Eric Hornfeld. I’m the general manager at Golden Temple. The Golden Temple’s a family owned independent restaurant that’s been in the same family for over 50 years. Right now, we’re one of the biggest restaurants in Brookline, Massachusetts. We get to be a special occasion place and an everyday restaurant where people can come in a couple times a week even.”


“This is different and maybe better than most of the Chinese food places you’ve ever been to. The architecture is absolutely beautiful. The bar scene is rocking. The food is tremendous. A big menu of mostly old school Chinese dishes but just done the right way.”


“The ingredients we put in our food on our menu, they’re higher quality ingredients. We got higher quality meats and we got fresh vegetables from local farms. It’s really fresh and it’s really good.”


“Just great Chinese food taken to another level of deliciousness. When you walk in the front door, if you go right that’s the dining room where things are a little more relaxed.”


“The Golden Temple doesn’t look like the typical Chinese restaurant. It’s nice lighting, the architecture is very modern, we have a dining room with booths and banquets. It’s just a nice atmosphere to be in.”


“If you’re in the mood for action, you walk left. That’s where they have their beautiful bar and this serves as a dining room and later on, believe it or not, a dance floor.”


“On the other side is a bar area, we call it the E room. Friday and Saturday night it’s crazy busy. People are dancing there all night long.”


“I mean look up at that ceiling. This is one unique restaurant. This menu has gotta have over a hundred items. I mean they got everything. Noodles, chicken, beef. If you wanna go old school with your egg foo young or your chow mein, they got that, too. I’m gonna take you on a tour of some of my personal favorites. Look at these Golden Temple ribs. Now I’ve had ribs all over the country from some of the best barbecue chefs out there. I’ve brought them to Golden Temple. I have said, try these. They’ve admitted these sweet, smoky, sticky, meaty, delicious ribs are some of the best that they’ve had. I dream of these ribs. These are homemade chicken pot stickers. Like the tastiest ravioli you’ve ever had in a ginger sauce. Crispy on the outside, smooth on the inside. So good.


To really enjoy the true Golden Temple experience, I think you have to go to the bar and order a Mai Tai. Now when I was a younger man, I used to get two of these and then I would be ready to follow General Gao into battle anywhere.


If you can’t decide what to get, get the Golden Temple platter. You’ve got your fried shrimp, really good chicken wings that they serve what I consider to be South Shore style. So they have the wing and the leg attached. Egg roll, does it get anymore classic than that? And in the middle, a big pile of won tons which I like to dip in the duck sauce.


This is my favorite chicken dish here. It’s the chardonnay chicken. Maybe with just a hint of lemon and some white meat chicken, some very thin noodles, some sauteed spinach and broccoli which I usually don’t eat. Another really good chicken dish here is there cashew chicken. It’s great with a bunch of celery and peppers and just the right amount of spice.


Sometimes at Chinese places as much as I love it, the beef dishes aren’t great. But Golden Temple, they provide really high quality beef. This is tenderloin with some Chinese broccoli, and I highly recommend it. If you’re old school like my pop, one of the sections you go to immediately on this menu is the egg foo young. You can’t get that everywhere anymore. This is like an omelet made with shrimp and it is fantastic.


Who doesn’t love fried rice? If you’re gonna get it here, get the special fried rice. This is made with shrimp, edamame which is unusual in a fried rice and roast pork. Ooh, it is good.  You gotta get a pork dish, and this is a pork chow mein with crunchy noodles and soft, sauteed vegetables. Lot of different flavors and textures in your mouth, it’s great. A lot of times you have a boiled lobster, it doesn’t really taste like that much. At Golden Temple, they serve two pound Maine lobsters. They put it in a wok with scallion and ginger and then they cut it up for you. It’s delicious and easy to eat. So if you wanna sit in the dining room, sit in the bar and dance late at night, get take out or delivery, this food is always delicious. Thank God for Golden Temple.”


Golden Temple
1651 Beacon St.
Brookline, MA 02445
(617) 277-9722