GoGo on the Ocean

Tasty apps and delicous views.

“Outside, you just walk through and there’s Boston.”

Old school favorites that your nonna used to serve.

“No one makes stuffed artichokes, unless it’s your grandmother, or your aunt, you know, and it’s the holidays.”

House made pasta and slow cooked sauces.

“I let the tomatoes speak to me to tell you the truth.”

And one truly passionate chef.

“Hi, I’m Roseann, and this is GoGo On The Ocean.”

There are so many reasons why you need to GO to Gogo.

Located in Winthrop, Gogo on the Ocean is the brainchild of Chef/Owner Roseann Jaworski, who’s been cooking for as long as she can remember.

“I grew up cooking when I was in my teens, my father said, “All right, we’re going to go to Italy. That’s where I spent many summers. So I would stay here with the aunts, in the kitchen and we’d roll pasta, and pick tomatoes, grind the tomatoes. It was really an unbelievable experience.”

And she’s brought all of those time tested recipes to this oceanside spot, with a refreshing dining room with lots of natural light and a back patio with a truly spectacular view.

“Outside, you just walk through and there’s Boston. It looks like it’s on a cake platter. And the water just, it meets right up to the bottom of it. It reflects off of it. Every night, literally, the whole kitchen, we all run out to watch it. We all take that second and appreciate every day that we get to see that. We live by the water. We live, eat, breath, make our living on the water.”

Back in the kitchen, Ro’s always working with a menu that serves merely as a suggestion.

“The vibe is kind of, you’re eating at my house, and I know a lot of Italians say that, but no, literally, everybody’s a guest. If I have it in the kitchen, I’ll make it for you. The menu is just a notepad to me. It’s something for someone to go by. It doesn’t matter to me. I change a recipe on the fly, and I use the term “recipe” very loosely, because there aren’t any here.”

What’s on the menu ranges from modern global to old school Italian whether you want to kick off your meal with a beautiful board of charcuterie.

Suck back some freshly shucked oysters and oversized shrimp cocktail or try some inventive starters like the lobster flatbread or the Thai Short Rib Crostini.

But if you want to kick it old school, get yourself the wings smothered in good ol’ AHSO sauce- the ONLY thing Ro doesn’t make onsite.

“Alright, that one thing comes out of the jar. But you know what? You can’t beat it. When you’re a kid, you had these Ah-So wings, and we kind of caramelize them and burn them a little bit. They’re crunchy, sweet. My mother made them. And my kids grew up with them. So yeah, definitely brings it back. It’s one of those indulgent things. You can’t overthink it. Just make them and enjoy it.”

For more stardard Italian starters, you can opt for crispy arrancini- one which is traditional- and another featuring Ro’s creations which change depending upon the night.

“When you get the traditional, that has the meat sauce and the peas, so you kind of break it open with your fork, and a little sauce comes right out. The spinach Asiago, I kinda made that one up. That’s quite decadent. That’s almost more famous than the traditional one.”

But the must try has to be the Stuffed Artichoke, even though it should probably come with instructions.

“You don’t use a fork and a knife. You just kinda use that leaf and you pluck it right out. It comes in it’s own really like, spoon. And you bite it, and you take your incisors, and you take that meat right off of the artichoke.” It drives me crazy when I see people peeling the artichokes. I’m like, “What are you doing? Those are just unbelievable leaves. You should be eating that.”Yeah, we have to give out the lesson once in awhile, of how to eat the artichoke. ”

The entrees at Gogo are almost too easy to eat. There’s the slow cooked Short Ribs served over mashed potatoes. Super Cheesey Veal Parm. And this pristine Cowboy Ribeye cooked just the way you want it.

Housemade pasta is served with brocolli rabe and sausage.

Or spiked with lobster and cheese.

And then there’s the mind blowing bolognese.

“This is the bolognese. This has been sitting here since 10 oclock this morning. Its on a very low temperature and it just sits here and simmers until we ready to rock and roll at 5 o’clock. It’s super fresh, super simple. I live by simplify. You don’t have to be throwing in all these herbs and stuff, in a bolognese. If you buy great meat, those sauces come out impeccable. ”

And if you like your seafood slow cooked in sauce, get yourself some of Ro’s Yacht Club Crab Sauce over bucatini.

“Bucatini, it’s like the pool noodle. It’s actually a long spaghetti with the tube that goes all the way through. That pasta sits in the dish for a little bit and while it’s sitting, it’s just sucking in all that great tasty sauce.”

If you still have some room, there are plenty of sweet endings at Gogo whether you go for the Coconut Cake. Sweet Tiramisu Or housemade Cheesecake. But nothing is as sweet as the service you’ll get from Roseann and her team who truly love what they’re doing.

“I’m here in the morning. I put the coffee on and I start the sauce. And I actually love what I do. Everyone’s like, “How do you do it? It’s so much work?” I’m like, “I love it. I love coming to work.”

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