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Phantom Gourmet Food Festival


        Phantom Gourmet to host 10th annual Food Fest next to Fenway Park   


           Sunday September 29, 2013 


(Tickets are $50 at event. Tickets are limited.)


WHAT:  One of the biggest food celebrations in the nation, The Phantom Gourmet Food Festival is the most delicious party in history.  Ten thousand Phantom “Phans” will consume half a million pieces of food.  Two streets surrounding Fenway Park are transformed into an incredible block party filled with food sampling as far as the eye can see, fun music, indoor and outdoor bars, and special parties inside all the famous restaurants on Lansdowne Street.  The Food Festival is 21+ (so you can walk around with a beer or wine), and all the food sampling is included with your ticket.  We’ll have the football games on over 200 flatscreens inside the venues.  The Phantom Gourmet Food Festival is presented by Dadgar Insurance.


WHO:     100 of the Phantom Gourmet’s favorite foods, including steak tips, cupcakes, cheesesteaks, chicken wings, nachos, meatballs, sweet potato fries, and clam chowder.  Some of the restaurants include: Harrow’s Chicken Pies, Boston Burger Company, Dunkin’ Donuts, Chicken Connection, Comella’s, Firefly’s Bar-B-Que, Emma’s Pub & Pizza, Kings, Kowloon, Shake Shack, Summer Shack, Flatbread Company, Joe Fish, Orange Leaf, Fuddruckers, & more!


JUST ADDED:  Special appearance by actor William Zabka, "Johnny" from The Karate Kid.  Plus, watch some of the world's greatest professional competitive eaters compete in the YogurtLand frozen yogurt eating contest!


WHERE:         Lansdowne & Ipswich Streets (Next to Fenway Park)                    

                       Boston, MA


WHEN:           Sunday September 29, 2013  -   Noon-4pm


COST:             Tickets will be $50 at the event.


MEDIA INQUIRIES:  Email Tina Bucchiere, Director of Special Projects



Awesome day. Awesome outfits. #foodphest by @phantomgourmet

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