City Winery
City Winery - 80 Beverly Street Boston, MA 02114 - (617) 933-8047 -

Ultra smooth music. World class cuisine. Housemade wine. And a fabulous time.

There’s a new place in Boston where you can satisfy everything you crave. All under one roof. And it’s called City Winery.

“Our mantra here at City Winery is indulge your senses. And that is exactly what this place is. You could come in, see a cool concert, hear amazing music, taste great food, smell the wine. It really is a cool opportunity to indulge everything great in life which is really exciting.”

“Hi, I’m Courtney. Welcome to City Winery.”

New to Boston, City Winery is a national chain with a little something for everything.

“We are a restaurant and bar, open seven days a week for lunch, dinner and brunch. On the weekends.

We’re also a concert venue. So, we have a 300 person concert venue. So it’s a world premiere concert venue. The sound is amazing. It’s totally intimate. People get a chance to really be up and close and personal to see their favorite artists and events. So we do have an art gallery. We are also an urban winery. So we do make our own wine here in house. So we’ll get the grapes in there, start the wine-making process. And then we age our white wine in those steel barrels to chill it. And most of our red wine is stored in barrels that you could see throughout the whole space. So it’s a really unique concept and it’s amazing that you can have a nice juicy burger paired with a Boston made wine and see your favorite artists in such an intimate setting.”

You’ll always find winemaker and Napa Valley native, Stephen Feke.

“We purchase premium quality grapes. Roughly 80 percent of our product is sold direct to customer in a glass via a keg system on our taps upstairs in our music venue and in our restaurant. The benefit of that is the customer gets a product that doesn’t have to go through the fining or filtration. Anybody that tastes from our barrels or our taps they see that there’s a big difference.”

And when it comes to the food, City Winery goes way beyond your average concert fare…with opening acts like the golden wild mushroom arrancini.

And crispy Flatbreads made right in the dining room.

“Who doesn’t love a good flatbread paired up with wine. We have a classic Margarita…as well as a flatbread of the day. And that could be anything from a pesto chicken. To whatever the chef’s feeling that day, using seasonal ingredients. So it’s really exciting.”

There are seafood Towers loaded up with shellfish straight from the pier.

And speaking of fresh, check out the Hawaiian Tuna Poke Nachos.

“So those are phenomenal. They’re so delicious….So it’s raw Ahi tuna with duck cracklings. Served with Wonton Chips and on the top it has an avocado cream. So the whole thing together is just to die for.”

For tacos with a twist, try these handheld beauties stuffed with Braised Duck.

And for an Asian take on ribs, Courtney recommends the Mongolian Grilled Baby Backs.

“The ribs are amazing. They’re slow cooked, fall off the bone. But what really differentiates it, it’s the sauce. It’s the perfect complement to the already perfect meat.”

The entree section of City Winery’s menu is lined with dishes that hit all the right notes.

The burger is a juicy symphony of flavor topped with cheddar and served on buttery housemade brioche.

If you really want to get your meat on, order the 10 ounce Ribeye topped with patatas bravas, spicy sofrito and grilled peaches.

And then again, what could be better than lobster?

“What’s better than having lobster? Having lobster two ways.”

So at City Winery they offer it hot, with butter poached lobster over marscapone risotto…

And cold, with a lettuce cup filled with a lobster bleu cheese salad.

“So the hot lobster with the cold, is really something unique and amazing.”

The desserts at City Winery make for the ultimate encore, with sweet endings including the Coffee Budino with Biscotti and this wine infused take on S’mores.

“Who doesn’t love s’mores, right? Childhood favorite, except the adult version. So it’s a red wine marshmallow. We torch up the marshmallow to give it that campfire feel. And then we serve that with chocolate and graham cracker and some sliced fruit. Absolutely perfect way to end the evening here is with our s’mores.”

And whether you indulge in treats from your childhood.

Or sip on some beverages made for a grownup.

You may find yourself in a truly magical place when you visit City Winery.

“It’s like Disney World for adults. It has everything. It’s the music it’s the wine, it’s the food, it’s the ambience. Everyone that comes here is so excited to be here. It’s just what the city needed. It’s a really cool concept. People are loving it because who doesn’t love good wine and music? It’s truly a sensational experience.”

City Winery
80 Beverly Street
Boston, MA 02114
(617) 933-8047