Alpine Butcher

Thomas Doyle – Alpine Butcher: “Steak tips, USDA prime. Tenderloins, USDA prime.”

Greg Doyle, Alpine Butcher: “We have duck bacon. We have gourmet pork roast. We have marinated chicken wings.”

Thomas Doyle – Alpine Butcher: “We carry local seafood, sushi grade Faroe Island salmon.”

Greg Doyle, Alpine Butcher: “And, if you need something that you don’t see, you can always ask us and we can special order it. I’m Tom Doyle. And I’m Greg Doyle. Welcome to Alpine Butcher.”

Thomas Doyle – Alpine Butcher: “So, Alpine Butcher is your old school local butcher shop. We only carry USDA prime beef. We really specialize in bringing the highest quality meats that you can buy into the store. We’ve been 105 years in Lowell Massachusetts, been in my family the whole time. I’m the fourth generation. I own the shop with my brother, Greg. The shop started in 1913 with my great-grandfather Morel Doyle.”

Greg Doyle, Alpine Butcher: “I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, Tom has a Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering, and we actually left the field to get on board with the family business…
and just kind of bringing it to the next level.”

Thomas Doyle – Alpine Butcher: “So, the USDA prime is the highest quality beef you can buy.”

Greg Doyle, Alpine Butcher: “So the flavor of the prime beef has more of like a buttery flavor to it. It’s kind of more savory. It just melts in your mouth. The steaks that we offer here are actually a little bit more forgiving than what you get at a supermarket. Everyone’s usually afraid they’re going to mess it up. But because it has a higher fat content … even if you overcooked it … it’s going to be super tender.”

Thomas Doyle – Alpine Butcher: “So, when people see Alpine Butcher they expect to come in here and just see raw meat. We actually do a lot more than that. We do the sandwiches. We do the salads. We have over 60, 70 different types of local New England beers.”

Greg Doyle, Alpine Butcher: “We really care about our customers. We’re not faking it. We want people to have the best meal possible. It’s not just about selling meat, it’s about selling a feeling, and making sure people know that we’re here to help them.”

Thomas Doyle – Alpine Butcher: “So, on top of the raw products, we also do a huge selection of in house made deli meats that we make sandwiches with… It’s not like your typical deli sandwich that you get at a sub shop. So, the loaded Italian’s really, really popular. So it’s our house smoked maple cracked pepper ham that we make here in house… and then we add a little more mortadella, provolone cheese, mozzarella cheese, Genoa salami.”

Greg Doyle, Alpine Butcher: “It tastes kind of like a traditional Italian sub, but on a crustier roll with a chipotle ranch dressing that kind of makes it pop. So it’s got a mild smoky flavor. It’s almost like a fusion sandwich.”

Thomas Doyle – Alpine Butcher: “So, one of the more popular turkey sandwiches that we do, we take our slow roasted turkey breast that we make here, and we do a turkey caramelized onion panini.”

Greg Doyle, Alpine Butcher: “It’s got a carver turkey breast on it with a house-made spinach artichoke spread. We do Asiago cheese and Parmesan cheese.

Thomas Doyle – Alpine Butcher: “Super savory, super rich, but you also get the nice light turkey flavor with it.

So, the Ruben is, personally, my favorite sandwich here. So, we take USDA prime brisket, we corn it for 10 days, and then we put our house barbecue rub on it. We slice that in house, pop it right on to some rye bread with sauerkraut, thousand island dressing, a little Swiss cheese. It will be the best Ruben you’ve ever had, guaranteed.”

Greg Doyle, Alpine Butcher: “So The chicken parm. We’re not buying chicken cutlets. We’re making these chicken cutlets. We then get that hot on the panini grill, we throw that on to a rustica roll with house-made marinara sauce. The marinara sauce is also made from scratch. It just makes a great, classic chicken parm that everyone is looking for. The mozzarella cheese melts into it. It’s all layered. That’s a really popular one here.”

Thomas Doyle – Alpine Butcher: “When you come in to this store you’re gonna leave with the highest quality products that you can buy bar none. This is not your typical butcher shop. So, we actually have recipes printed out that we’ve written in house for almost everything you buy in the store. So, you can come in, get whatever you want and be confident that you’re gonna cook it like a pro.”

Greg Doyle, Alpine Butcher: “People should come to Alpine Butcher because we actually care about how you’re meal is at the end of the day… There’s no gimmicks, I guess is the best way to put it. And it really shows, and it comes through.“

Thomas Doyle – Alpine Butcher: “It means a lot to carry on the tradition. We bought this place together from our uncle and our father, and we really do take passion with whatever we’re doing here.”

Greg Doyle, Alpine Butcher: “It’s kind of in our blood. I mean we used to get babysat at the previous butcher shops… We’ve been there since before we could walk. So it’s kind of what we’ve always known and we’re just trying to bring it up to the next level now.”

Thomas Doyle – Alpine Butcher: “So, it’s exciting. I’m walking in, and I’m cutting the same type of products that four generations ago my great grandfather was cutting. We really take pride in it. That’s one of the reasons why we so are focused on customer service and quality. Our name is attached to what we’re selling, and you can go back a hundred years and we’re still selling the same stuff. So, we really do love it.”

Greg Doyle, Alpine Butcher: “All set for you. Have a great day.”

Alpine Butcher
963 Chelmsford Street
Lowell, MA 01852
(978) 256-7771