Saturday & Sunday 10:30am and 11am
Food and Fun. That's all we serve.

About Phantom Gourmet

Phantom Gourmet, Inc. owns and produces the Phantom Gourmet.  Food and Fun. That's all we serve.


Phantom Gourmet is one of Boston's best known locally grown brands. From its humble beginnings on cable in 1993, Phantom Gourmet graduated to broadcast television on myTV38 Saturday and Sunday 10:30 and 11AM.


Phantom Gourmet is also a feature on the WBZ4 Evening News. The show is on CW28 in Providence Saturday 10-11AM and CW in Maine Sunday 11AM.


Our combined social media following on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is over 660,000 phans!


The Phantom Gourmet Restaurant Gift Card is one gift card accepted at your choice of 250 restaurants.

The Phantom Gourmet Guide to Boston's Best Restaurants was a Boston Globe Best Seller.

Phantom Gourmet also produces Boston's biggest and best food events, including the Phantom Gourmet Food Festival, Phantom Gourmet BBQ Beach Party, Phantom Gourmet Wine & Food Phest, and the Phantom Gourmet Hot Dog Safari to benefit the Joey Fund and Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Tens of thousands of Phans will attend our events this year, many of them wearing the company's trademark purple.


We’re also the proud new owners of the Mendon Twin Drive-In, a gorgeous sixteen acre, tree-lined property with two giant screens each showing two first run Hollywood movies.


The company is led by the beloved Andelman brothers, with Dave serving as CEO, Mike heading the business division, and Dan heading the content division.


Meet the Team

  • Dave Andelman, CEO

    Dave Andelman has been CEO since 1993. He's a J.D./M.B.A. whom the Boston Globe recently named one of the most innovative business leaders in Massachusetts.

  • Mike Andelman, Sr VP of Business Development

    A graduate of Georgetown Business School and media veteran who hosted his own radio show at just 21 years old, Mike is also a regular radio and TV contributor who heads up the Phantom Gourmet Food News Division.

  • Dan Andelman, Host & Showrunner

    Dan is the host and executive producer of the television show. He's known for his great wit, extraordinary food knowledge, and strange hair.

  • Eric Sherman, Executive Producer

    A member of the team since 2000, Eric is a multiple Emmy award winner who produces the best food stories in New England.  Also, he is addicted to expensive chocolates.

  • Sean Finley, VP Visual Media & Production

    A multiple Emmy winner, Sean has shot and edited thousands of restaurants. Look for him in the purple PhantoMobile.

  • Tina Schindler, VP Business Development & Marketing

    "Tina Bunny" does it all, from web design, print ads, graphic design to event planning. A devoted member of the team, the Bunny even has purple hair extensions.

  • Deborah Hurley- O'Toole, Senior Producer

    A multiple Emmy and James Beard
    Award winner, Deb is a 
    television producer who dines
    out more than most humans should. 
  • Greg Dole, Senior Editor & Videographer

    Not only is Greg a PHAN-tastic editor and videographer, he’s also President of the North Shore Chapter of Crustacean Nation, and member in good standing of the Bad Hat Club.

  • Michael Neville, JR. VP Phantom Events, GM Mendon Twin Drive-In

    Neville is the man to see to answer all your Mendon Twin Drive-In Questions. He is the best in movie trivia, a candy connoisseur and knows everything there is to know about the drive-in.

  • Yvonne Souto, Director of Special Projects, Director of Operations Mendon Twin Drive-In

    Yvonne brings her flair to Phantom Gourmet and Mendon Twin Drive-In. She lives food and fun to give you the best experience at the Drive-In.

  • Eileen Mawn, VP Finance

    Eileen brings her love of numbers and food to Phantom Gourmet and Mendon Twin Drive-In. She keeps us all in line when we want a new frozen drink machine for the office.

  • The Phantom Gourmet

    Boston's #1 restaurant critic has kept his identity secret since 1993. Known for his purple cape and mask, the P.G. laughs in the smug faces of other critics who ignore restaurants with great food and value, while worshipping celebrity chefs.


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